Thomas McClure1763

Thomas McClure 1763

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Place of migration
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Thomas McClure was baptized in the Presbyterian church in Ahoghill parish, County Antrim on 8 April 1763. Thomas married Jean Brown, and together they had five children born between 1799 and 1811. Jane died, and Thomas married Mary Eccles. Thomas and Mary and their children emigrated to Upper Canada in 1827, joining other McClures who had previously settled there. They settled in Chingacousy Township in Peel County. Thomas died soon after arriving in Peel County. There is a memorial tombstone for Thomas in the Streetsville Cemetery in Peel County.

Much of what we know about Thomas and other McClure relatives is found in "The Clan McClure: Historical Highlights", by J. Brian Gilchrist, published by the McClure Clan family Executive in 2009. The birth dates of Thomas McClure and of his children were recorded in an 1805 New Testament, handed down through the McClure family.  The same book recorded the birthdates of Thomas's son John McClure (known as 'Long John') and his children, of Thomas's grandson John McClure, his wife Jane Amelia Hunter, and their children. 

Before leaving Ireland, Thomas received the following recommendation from his parish church, quoted in the above book: "I certify that Thomas McClure was an Elder of the Presbyterian Church for the last twelve years and that he conducted himself agreeably to the solemn duties of that office, and that he and his wife were communicants, and that his son Thomas and wife and daughter Jane were also communicants. And as they are now about to remove to America, I can safely recommend as sober, industrious and peaceful and honest, and I hope that they may enjoy the confidence and friendship of the Religious Community to which they may join." (signed) George McClelland, Minister, Presbyterian Church, Ahoghill, Ireland, May 16, 1827.

Four of the children of Thomas and Jane went on to establish their own families in what became the province of Ontario, and beyond.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 8th Apr 1763
Date of Death 10th Aug 1827

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