Drinagh (Cork)

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"The Steeple" Church tower next to the old Graveyard.
"The Steeple" Church tower next to the old Graveyard.


The old graveyard in Drinagh West up the hill from Curraghlicky Lake is set in a quiet and beautiful corner of the countryside. This is the site of a medieval church, however no trace of that church survives today. The site does contain the remains of a later church, built in 1818. This Drinagh graveyard has been in use for several centuries and contains numerous Roman Catholic burials in unmarked graves, with the earliest inscription dating to 1843 with just one grave believed to be a Church of Ireland burial. There was also a watch-house at this Drinagh graveyard, which was located in the left hand corner as you enter the site. Watch houses were small simple structures, once commonly found in graveyards, that were used to prevent bodysnatching. At one time cadavers could be sold to anatomy schools so relatives kept guard in these watch houses until the bodies of their loved ones were no longer fresh enough for the surgeons to use. A plaque with all known names buried at the graveyard was recently installed.

Picture and local history from Drinagh People Facebook Group and info from Skibbereen Heritage Centre site.


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Graveyard (Cemetery)

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