Ardagh (Limerick)

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St Molua's Church in Ardagh, Co.Limerick
St Molua's Church in Ardagh, Co.Limerick

St Molua's Church.

Fr James Corbett PP completed the present-day church in Ardagh in 1814. Prior to the building of this Church a mass house in the village near where Aherne's petrol pumps stood, served as a place of worship.  

Incidentally, Fr Corbett was one of the priests ordained in the early years of the newly founded Maynooth College. On the 2 April 1813 James Corbett P.P. of Ardagh obtained from Maurice Studdert of Elm Hill the free site of the present church and a subscription of £10.00 to the building fund. The neighbouring Protestant gentlemen followed his good example. The building was completed before the end of 1814. The church is named after the patron saint of the parish, St Molua. It was extensively renovated in the 20th century. 

In the porch of the church there is a stained-glass window of the Baptism of Our Lord. Over the main door of the church there is a picture of Pope John Paul II. To the left of the altar there is a picture of Blessed Oliver Plunkett and a statue of Sacred Heart. 

Behind the main altar, which is made from marble, there is a large crucifix. To the right of the altar there is a statue of the Mother & Child and a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. In the right aisle there is a plaque to Fr Maurice Cremin, which was erected by his fellow priests of Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Buried within the church is: 

  •   Maurice Cremin, Died October 26 1887, Aged 31 

Buried in the grounds of the church are: 

  • John Connors , PP 1973-1984, Died April 13th 1984, Aged 72 

  • Daniel Costello, PP 1964-1973, Died 20th March 1973, Aged 68 

  • Rev. John Wilmott C.C., Died 6th August 1952 

  • Rev. John Sheahan, P.P., Died November 28th 1902, Aged 69 

  • Rev. Michael O'hAodha, P.P. 1930-1934, Died June 16th 1934, Aged 62 

  • Rev. John Hallinan, P.P. for 14 years, Died 6th May 1917 

  • John Canon Reeves, P.P. 1916-1929, Died 29th Dec. 1929, Aged 70 

  • Very Rev. P. Ruddle, Parish Priest, Died 21st December 1958 

  • Canon James Liston PP 1934-1945, Died March 15 1945, aged 81 



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