1st January 1800
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Agricultural Fairs and Pony Shows are a strong tradition in county Galway. The Maam Cross Fair is one of a number of such events in the West of Ireland.

The horse fair at Maam Cross is one of Ireland's most historic fairs, dating back to a time long forgotten. Though the origin date of the fair is unknown, there are may who say it is centuries old. It started as a day for the men who worked the fields and the bogs to gather at the crossroads to sell their surplus stock, but is has since evolved into a cultural event of national significance. Animals bought, sold, and shown at the fair include cattle, sheep, and the hardy Connemara Ponies for which this particular area of County Galway is famous. The ponies are shown competitively with cash prizes being given for the finest specimen in the categories of filly foal and colt foal. Traditional crafts and games are also a feature of the fair with horse shoes being made and used for throwing games. 

The fair is held every year on the Tuesday following the October Bank Holiday. If you plan on visiting the Maam Cross fair then a stop into Peacocke's hotel for a pint of plain is a must as the venue has become synonymous with the fair. 

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