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PRONI is closed right now due to Covid-19, and I had just commissioned a search in their Church of Ireland records of Ahoghill and Craigs.  Does anyone know if the parish has these records (circa 1840-1850) and who I might contact to have them searched?

Thank you!

Evva Housley


Saturday 27th Jun 2020, 06:39PM

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  • Ewa,

    Ahoghill and Craigs was originally one parish (Ahoghill). Population changes led to a split with Craigs being created as a separate parish. Craig’s records start in 1839. So if searching pre 1839 you need Ahoghill’s records. Post 1839 it’s either Craigs or Ahoghill depending where your ancestors lived.

    According to my guide to Church of Ireland records, PRONI hold the only copy of Ahoghill's early records. So you have to go there to search them. With Craigs the church has the originals and PRONI just has a copy. So for Craigs you could contact the church and ask them to search the records, or you could go to PRONI and search there. PRONI’s copy is free to search. If the parish conduct the search expect to pay a fee (it used to be £19 sterling an hour but may have changed). Contact details:

    Rev AR Halligan - Curate-In-Charge
    Craig's Rectory
    95 Hillmount Road
    BT42 1NZ
    Co Antrim

    PRONI has no date for re-opening but some museums in Belfast are re-opening in August so possibly it may re-open then too.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 27th Jun 2020, 08:07PM
  • Thank you so much, Elwyn.  Your reply was very helpful.  :)  I wish you all the best.



    Tuesday 30th Jun 2020, 11:05PM

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