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Have posted on the general KERRY site previously, but kind peple have suggested I aslo post on the parish sites.


A Famine convict.

Born circa 1833/35. Reputedly 'Castleshannon, Causeway'. Kerry, Died 1906, Mt. Lloyd, Tasmanian, Australia.

FATHER - PATRICK. No mother named. (Dead?)


These are the family she herself named for her convict record.

A grand niece Bridget Cantillon is known to have married into the BARRY family. 

My cousin had correspondence in the 1990's with two people from different descendencies of a particular CANTILLON family and was given some rough trees.

He also had correspondence from a descendant of the above Bridget who married the BARRY.  Unfortunately, no dates or other names provided.

All believed they were descended from this particula Patrick, but when searching, some of the avaialble data did not 'quite' add up.

The trees so kindly given to my cousin, gave no dates, nor had the name of the wife of PATRICK the father.

I can suppy these names if anyone thinks they may be able to help, but would prefer to do it offline on my private email.

I have searched the digitised records of this county and surrounding ones, and records seem to be missing for this particular time period.  

I can find no sign of my particular Catharine (given on obituary as Catherine Elizabeth.)

The Cantillon deaths I have found, do not help as they have no ages, nor other information that I can use to link the siblings named.

CATHERINE was convicted at Kerry for Larceny. Stealing clothes. 6 months for Potatoes. 6 Months for a Goose. Transported for 7 years on 17 November, 1852 on the ship MIDLOTHIAN to Van Diemens Land (Tasmania, Australia) Arrived 24 February, 1853 in the town of Hobart, 

The 'Midlothian' was the third last convict ship ever to arrive in that state. 

Given permission to be married in 1855 to WILLIAM CLARK/E, who himself stated he was 'born in the colony' - but whose origins cannot be traced and are, up until this time, totally unknown. 

Catherine would have been an immediate stepmother to between four and six? young children and other much older step-children from a previous relationship.

She lived a famine-free life as a farmer's wife and had nine children of her own.

I am her GG Granddaughter through one of her female lines.  My MTDNA line is hers. H3b 1b1.

Wynnette Ford, nee Mansfield.

Born Tasmania, now living in Queensland, Australia.


Sunday 13th Dec 2020, 11:24AM

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  • Wynette:

    I searched the free Irish government site for church records in Co. Kerry. There were no Catherine Cantillon baptismal records with father Patrick in the years 1825-1850. There were a few Catherine Cantillon records in Causeway RC parish with different fathers names e.g. Thomas or Richard.

    Castleshannon townland is in Killury civil parish and the 1852 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for the parish shows five Cantlin records (presumably Cantillon). Only one was in Castleshannon and his name was John Cantlin.

    I also looked at the Tithe listings from the 1820s for Killury parish. There were 44 names in Castleshannon but no Cantlin  or Cantillon records.

    I looked for the Bridget Cantillon marriage to a Barry and located a marriage in 1925 which likely is the correct record. This Bridget had a father Patrick and she lived in Glandahalin townland in Ballyheige parish which is just to the west of Killury parish. As a point of information, Ballyheige RC records do not begin until 1857.…

    Let me know if you have questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 13th Dec 2020, 03:08PM
  • Hello Roger,

    Thank you so much for searching for me and taking the time to answer.

    I appreciate any and all help.  Sometimes kind people like yourself pick up on something I have completely missed.

    I have seen all the records you mention, but HAD  momentarily forgotten that Ballyheigue records don't start until 1857.

    The lack of records is SO frustrating.

    The Barry marriage you found is the correct one. If I remember correctly, Bridget is the granddaughter of the John below.

    I now believe the John CANTLIN in Griffith Valuation is most likely to Catherine's brother and the person that the two trees descend from.

    And that the Patrick that went to Argentina, I mention below, is the other brother.

    It is the PARENTS of these men that are so elusuve.  Without that, I cannot begin to link the siblings up.

    I had a brief 'messenger' communication with a distant Cantillon DNA cousin (different surname), who told me he knew I had had 'met' the present family and that I should just write to them.

    I was dumbfounded and totally puzzled.

    It turned out it was my cousin that had a brief visit in Tasmania from a daughter of one of the family lines, nearly 30 years ago.

    We have no current address and the DNA cousin dropped all contact. I am unsure If my overtures to any living family I find will be welcome.

    I am even wondering if the fact that Catherine was a Convict may be off-putting for some.

    I think I am going to have to start to use the earliest names from the John online and ask the question.  

    Many of the lines I have looked at, go back to a BARNABY/BARNABUS CANTILLON in the 1700's.

    But I can neither go forward - or backwards with the information I have.  

    I have a 1-2 generation gap of knowledge and proof.

    I also have a DNA match to a CANTION/CANTILLON from Argentina, who descends from a Patrick.CANTILLON who married a woman he met on the boat out, called Elizabeth Cotter QUILTER.

    The one communication I had, said they had no idea of their direct ancestor in Ireland.

    I have the link to an article written about these descendants, and have just contacted the newspaper and their overall company(?) 'The Observer' for the second time, hoping for contact details of the organiser of the reunion.

    Second time lucky?…

    So near - and yet, still so far from proof.

    With grateful thanks,








    Tuesday 15th Dec 2020, 01:17AM

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