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I am interested in finding the names of the ten children of Thomas Crowe of the Abbey Ennis = Ellen Tymons

I know from the "Landed Estates" website the eldest son was also Thomas  who became a barrister and Wainwright the youngest son.

Largely because they are extremely wealthy, landed gentry (and their records are Church of Ireland) I have ignored their records as part of my one name study into Crowe in Ireland (there is a genetically separate Crowe name in England).

However, I have a series of RC records and families that look as though they are linked as brothers / sisters from 1845. The records and the links are there but because Ruan Parish was very late at starting records (1845) I have no way of knowing who their ancestors may be.

Then I read about the ones above and had already associated Thomas (1803) with families later in time. It seems like the 8/9 names I have could be the siblings of this Thomas and would like to know the names of the ten children to see if I can associate the names better.

I am not in Ireland at present, nor an English library that might have Burkes Irish landed families so I am hoping that someone knowledgeable about Clare history might have a handle on this wealthy family and the names of 6 sons and 4 daughters?

Seamus Crowe, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

Wednesday 28th Feb 2024, 01:54PM

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  • Eileen

    Wednesday 28th Feb 2024, 07:36PM


    RootsIreland gives baptisms for 8 children:

    Church BaptismCroweJames1807Co. Clare

    Church BaptismCroweRobert1808Co. Clare

    Church BaptismCroweAnne1809Co. Clare

    Church BaptismCroweRobert1811Co. Clare

    Church BaptismCroweWilliam1813Co. Clare

    Church BaptismCroweWainright1816Co. Clare

    Church BaptismCroweWainright1818Co. Clare


    Wednesday 28th Feb 2024, 10:27PM
  • Thanks Eileen, the website names one or two children but also gives another branch for which I have baptism / wedding dates already. So I can piece those parts of the tree together.

    Patricia, that is great information because I need to see if I can relate these people to existing RC  and State records later in the 1800s. Annoyingly these areas had some late starts for RC parish records and most if not all of these were Church of Ireland anyway. The English given names I already have relate to families in Limerick and even my own line. I also have a couple of mystery Crowe names that were also converts to CoI and moved north through Galway. All hot air and guesswork at present but great leads to work on.

    Thanks to both


    Seamus Crowe, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 2nd Mar 2024, 02:02PM
  • I have seen two further references to these children (6 boys four girls  = 10 in the original story I read), one says there were 15 children and I have now gained a transcript of sorts of Burkes Landed Gentry (Ireland) that say there were 4 sons and 5 daughters (9)  :)  Too many to count, presumably? :)

    So, if anyone has any additional information or access to Church of Ireland records, I would be pleased to hear from them. At some point I will put any kind of a result on here, with sources in case others are interested.


    Seamus Crowe, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 3rd Mar 2024, 10:12AM
  • If you have access to RootsIreland, you will see some children born to Thomas Crowe and an Ellen (no last name) in Drumcliff.  Perhaps these are the ones you are seeking.


    Monday 4th Mar 2024, 05:28PM

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