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I just learned on a Facebook group, that there may have been a small cluster of cottages right near Ahoghill called Clarkstown, or similar. Talking maybe 200 years ago. Has anyone come across that?  My ancestor's names were McCall and Aiken. Very old family records here in the US say they lived in Clarkstown, County Antrim, and I'm stumped. Thanks so much.


Thursday 8th Oct 2020, 02:11PM

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  • There is or was a Clarkestown in the townland of Cloghogue in the parish Drummaul about 3 miles south of Ahoghill. On the modern Whitesides Rd near the intersection with Nursery Rd.

    There is another Clarkstown in the townland of Ballyruther, in the parish of Cairncastle (not far from Larne). Up a dead end lane from the Drumnagreagh Rd. That’s 30 miles from Ahoghill.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 8th Oct 2020, 02:57PM

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