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  1. Paul Morrissey, from Melbourne Australia, age 64 .
  2. I seen to have an uncanny resemblance to James John Morrissy, baptised Jacobus Morrissy - 27th May 1871.
  3. Also have DNA testing results for myself and father Thomas who recently passed at 95 years of age.
  4. Our linage can only be traced back to David Morrissy, who emigrated from Ireland to South Australia in 1855 with Patrick Morrissy, born approx 1831, inconclusive birth records, as grave has no DOB, nor siblings or parents. 
  5. I also have a suspision that John may have had an ealier family, before marrying in 1859 age 53. 
  6. Would love to learn about our Irish history, as I hit a brick wall a long time ago, due to never being able to trace James's actual baptism and not knowing his parents. 
  7. Also have some Viking DNA, that I just recently read that Limerick was founded by the Vikings in 812.    
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Friday 19th Feb 2021, 06:29AM

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  • Hi Paul,

    The name "Morrissey" is spread across the South of Ireland, mainly in the Counties, Wexford to Limerick - - Tithe Records 1823 - 1837

    In Griffith Valuations -  - taken 1840 - 1860 you will find the name is more widespread.

    If you can find the book - "A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes"  it will give you a good idea about Ireland and its history, good and bad. It contains 560 pages of interesting reading and is published by  -  2008.

    Author: Jonathan Bardon

    Best Wishes,


    Friday 19th Feb 2021, 12:50PM
  • Hi Paul, Anhid is near Croom. 
    GENUKI: Anhid, Limerick

    By the time of Griffiths Valuation there isn't any Morrissy names listed.

    This link may help, the Church records. look for Limerck then Croom.
    Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI



    Friday 19th Feb 2021, 01:27PM
  • Thanks McCoy

    I have ordered the book you recomended "A History of Ireland in 250 Episodes".

    I logged into - Tithe Records 1823 - 1837, typed in Tithe Records 1823 - 1837, no link, also tried Tithe Records without dates, no link. 

    If you have any other advise / assistance, this will be greatly appreciated.

    Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Paul Morrissey


    Thank you Margot,

    I followed your advise and clicked into the link you provided, Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI, and will spend some time examining the 107 pages on

    Marriages / Baptisms & Death from 1770 - 1844.

    Wish there was a search engine that I could enter the name and it would automatically search the document for "Morrissy"  

    If you have any other advise / assistance, this will be greatly appreciated.

    Regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Paul Morrissey


    Sunday 21st Feb 2021, 06:45AM
  • Hi Paul,

    Go to Genealogy and tick. This should show on the left hand side a list from 1901 census down. Click on Tithe Records.

    I have just checked it out and it is working.

    Best Wishes,


    Monday 22nd Feb 2021, 05:06PM
  • Hi McCoy,

    I followed your instructions.

    Only located one Morrissy family, in the census from 1821 - 1851 - Widow, 2 sons & 1 daughter from Atherny Galway.  

    David & Pat  emigrated in 1855, born around 1827- 1832.

    Kind Regards,


    Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021, 04:32AM
  • Hi,
    I have been searching and the only Morrissy or Morrissey I found was this, see below.
    On the actual ship record this all that is listed.
    I hoping to see other names on that ship list, but none listed.
    I will search again in other sites.

    Name: James Morrisey

    Nationality: Irish

    Arrival Age: 24

    Birth Date: abt 1831

    Departure Place: Liverpool

    Arrival Date: Feb 1855

    Arrival Place: Melbourne, Australia

    Ship: Shalimar


    Wednesday 24th Feb 2021, 08:40AM
  • Hi Margot,

    Really appreciate your assistance. 

    Tried to cut & paste the ships manifest, I have on file, not userfriendly with this format.

    Ship - David Malcolm

    Final departure from Plymouth 24th January 1855

    Arrived Adelaide port, South Australia 30th April 1855.

    David & Patrick Morrissy both purchased land plots in South Australia for the voyage. 

    Kind Regards,

    Paul Morrissey


    Sunday 28th Feb 2021, 03:24AM

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