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I am looking for information on my great great grandfather, Edward Fitzgerald, son of Maurice Fitzgerald (Ardfert).  He was born around 1840.  He married Margaret Fitzgerald, daughter of Patrick Fitzgerald (Tralee) on 4 June 1860.  Their first child Patrick was born on 25 July 1861, and baptised in Tralee.  By the time their daughter Mary arrived around 1864, they had emigrated to the US.  They were living in Queens Co, NY by 1870.  When Edward died in 1897, he left behind his widow and 6 children (Patrick, Mary, Nellie, Edward, John and Katie)  Mary was married to John Hayes (most likely from Hospital, Limerick) in 1886 in NY.

They were Catholics and I was very fortunate to find documentation of their marriage and the baptism of Patrick on the nli site.  I am hoping to find the names of Edward's mother, Margaret's mother, the date of Edward's birth, and any other information about the family.





Tuesday 27th Jul 2021, 08:07PM

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  • Hi Laurie, 

    Its great to see that you already have quite a detailed knowledge of your family history. Perhaps it might be an idea to get in touch with Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society. They may be able to steer you towards a local genealogist who could help. Their website is 

    Also, from using Griffith's valuation, I can see there were many Fitzgerald's in Ardfert and neighbouring Ballyheigue in the 1850s (many by the name of Maurice). Perhaps a look through these may help you fill out the family tree even more.…;

    All the best,


    David Whyte, IrelandXO l Ballyhoura Development

    Tuesday 10th Aug 2021, 09:48AM
  • Hi David,

    Thank you very much for your response and suggestions.  I have had a look and plan to become a member of the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society.  I was hoping Maurice was an unusual first name, but now I see it wasn't. (It was Mauritiu on the Latin marriage document I found.)


    Thanks again!



    Wednesday 11th Aug 2021, 04:57PM

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