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My great grand father Garret Barry was born in 1843, he grew up in Cobh County Cork. He did an appreniship as a butcher in Cobh and later became a butcher on the imagrant ship Aliquis. While the ship was is Auckland New Zealand he jumped ship. His father was Garret Barry. His mothers name was Catherine nee Kidney. Garret and Catherines property was confiscated during the Irish Revolution. One of their grand children by the same name joined the rebels.They couldn't capture him so they took his brother and held him for 14 years. They used him for bayonet practice.

I would like to know more about the circumstances and what happened to the rest of Garrets family.


Monday 30th Apr 2018, 06:02AM

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  • Re: Garrett Barry

    I had a look for you on several websites,, the subscription site and the early taxpayers records from the Griffiths valuation to see could I locate a baptism for Garret son of Garret or father Garret

    Unfortunately the baptisms give 62 hits for North Cork and 52 on for Cork also Griffiths valuation give 58 results for people with the fathers name Garrett Barry, without knownin the exact birth and birthplace of son Garret it will be impossible to answer this request, sorry

    Could not find a marriage record for a Garrett Barry and Catherine Kidney either

    Anne Marie

    Mallow Cork

    Friday 4th May 2018, 03:01PM
  • Just when I was going to give up I found a baptism registration on for a John Barry son of Garret Barry and Cath Kidny on the 19 May 1827 in Queenstown (Cobh)

    Here I also found the marriage of Garret Barry and Catherine Kidney on  the 19th Feb 1822 in Cobh, and the baptism of a son Thomas in January 1825 Cobh, a daughter Anne Barry  baptised in 1823 Cobh, no baptism for son Garrett

    Mallow Cork

    Friday 4th May 2018, 03:23PM
  • Garrett was also known as Davie or David. This may have been his first name? I was told he was cathaloc. Born 19 Aug 1843.


    Saturday 5th May 2018, 07:25AM
  • Hi. 

    My direct ancestors were Garret Barry and his wife Catherine.   Garret was from Ireland, C Cork born about 1803-1804 and died in Cardiff in 1863, arriving there sometime between 1851-1855.  He was a stonemason and had daughters Mary (later Mary Lloyd) born c1834; Ann (later davidson) born c1836; Elizabeth (abt 1840) and Bridget (later Geoghigan) born abt 1843, died 1865.  I have seen many entries on Ancestry who (wrongly I think) link my Garret above with the marriage of Garret Barry and Catherine Kidney in 1822 in Cobh.  However, my Catherine was eleven years Garret's senior and died in cardiff in 1878, so she could not be the one in this marriage.  

    They lived in Frederica Street, Butetown and, according to family stories, came over to Cardiff on cattle boats during (or just after) the famine.

    I think mine is a different family to yours, but if you ever did find a link, I would be very interested to hear from you.

    Good luck in your search




    Tuesday 7th Sep 2021, 08:56PM

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