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I'm still looking for my elusive Cathrin Glynn, mother of my Grandfather Thomas Nolan 4 November 1856 from Kiltartan, Rinneen & Ballyaneen South, Gort.

I notice today a reference to a Cathrin Glynn as a sponsor to a 16 June 1849 Baptism for a Patrick Glynn, son of Stephen Glynn and Mary Keefe. The next entry is that Stephen and Mary are sponsors themselves on the same day for John, the son of Michael and Mary Burke. The locality is listed as 'Sheehan' but my Googling does not show any place as such. I've attached the Kitartan register page if anyone knows what it means. Is anyone familiar with these Glynn folks, being some 7 years before young Thomas is born, this Cathrin might be the one and same. The location is noted in the Kiltartan registry, so I assume it must be close by ??

Thanks in advance

Fred Nolan


Fred Nolan

Monday 28th Nov 2022, 11:03AM

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  • Sheehan townland is in Killallaghtan civil parish, Galway.


    Monday 28th Nov 2022, 02:02PM
  • Fred: The likely townland is Sheeaun in Kilmacduagh civil parish. That parish includes the town of Gort. Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 28th Nov 2022, 05:43PM
  • Roger, is there anyone experienced with the Glynn family in the Gort/Kiltartan and other locality's ? Fred Nolan

    Fred Nolan

    Monday 28th Nov 2022, 11:12PM
  • Fred: I checked the 1901 census for Kilmacduagh civil parish and there were seven Glynn families in the parish including three in the town of Gort. The other four families were outside the town but not in Sheeaun. Also I did not see a Stephen Glynn in the seven records. I think it is very unlikely that someone today would have knowledge of your particular Glynn family. Roger

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 29th Nov 2022, 04:38PM

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