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Following back on possible family links. Interested in the above who died in the 1980's and 90's.



Friday 3rd Apr 2020, 04:37PM

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  • David:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Is this the correct marriage record for Hugh and Cecelia?

    This Facebook group may be of interest.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 6th Apr 2020, 02:40PM
  • Hello Roger McDonnell.

    With more time at home presently I have been looking at my Irish ancesters and DNA Tree Links. I have a Loughery line originating in Donegal but I cant trace their origins back into Ireland - only what is on Scottish records and stories handed down. There are wide variations in the spelling of their surname. A significant number of my Tree links (Ancestry) flagged up are to those with Mclaughlins living  in Ireland or even  in the USA. None links for Loughery. I have a growing sense that my line in Ireland were called McLoughlin and from other clues were present in Inishowen.My grandfather was born in Londonderry /Derry when Mary went back to ireland in 1886 and her name was recorde as Loughlan.

    I found one tree linked to mine for a Mcloughlin family that extends back into the 19th c but there is little detail and the Tree Owner hasnt responded to my message. Looking at some of those named on available material on  Ancestry there is a suggestion that they may be the couple I named (?) who lived and died in Clonmany. Short of sending for records, not possible with the information I have and in the lockdown, I thought of local memorials or other local sources. I dont use facebook and wont but will look at your other link.

    My known line passes from Mary Loughery b Donegal in 1862 to parents Cornelius Loughery and wife Rose Mcgonigle born about 1835 and two sons James and Patrick born about 1861 and 1865 recorded as Lochrie in Greenock, where all but Mary died in an outbreak of typhus in 1866.. Mary is in record as a pauper sent back to Inishavon. She reappeared in Glasgow in 1883. Family legend says that she went back to relatives and there were links to Inistrahul. Griffith's Valuation has names listed there that might link but how factual the legend is is anyones guess. Mary recorded her fathers occupation in Donegal as a fisherman. In Scotland from 1883 Mary was recorded as Loughery or variations close to this form.

    Thank you for your reply



    Wednesday 8th Apr 2020, 09:59AM

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