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I previously posted this message to Caher Parish in 2017

I have used FamilySearch,, IrishGenealogy, 1901 and 1911 census, Griffith Valuation and a book about the Keatings of Caherciveen in gathering my information.

My grandmother was born in 1895 in Derreen, Caher, Kerry (records found on IrishGeneology). Her parents were John Keating (1858-1937) of Derreen, son of James Keating and Judith (Julia) Kelly, and Nora Sullivan of Portmagee (1865-1928), daughter of Timothy Sullivan and Margaret O’Connor. Nora and John are registered as being married in Valencia District at Prior Parish in 1889. His father is identified as James Keating (IrishGenealogy). They are buried at Kilvarnogue Cemetery in Caherciveen. (per the book The Keatings of Caherciveen, County Kerry by John Keating).

I am trying to find out more about John Keating’s Derreen family. John is registered living in Derreen in 1901 but moved his family to Portmagee about 1906. They lived next to the Sullivan household. John’s siblings I think were Michael 1849, James 1850, Norry 1854, and Mary 1861 (sp Maurice Keating). Sponsors for John’s children’s baptisms include- James Keating, Mary Keating, Patrick Keating, Michael Keating, and Bridget Keating. I have not found a birth record for John.

There was a James Keating listed on the Griffith Valuation as leasing land in Derreen, Caher in 1852. I have no record supporting Julia Kelly’s and his marriage which must have been around 1848. I have been told that James probably was part of John Joseph Keating and Mary Creagh’s family. It was suggested that his father was Maurice? In the 1901 census, a James Keating, age 67, is shown living with his daughter Mary, age 26 (unless the records are wrong, she would have been too young), in Derreen. In 1911 a James Keating, age 86, is living with his daughter, Mary, age 39, and son-in-law, Cornelius Keating in Derreen.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide in helping me find information about the Keatings of Derreen, a birth record for John Keating, and helping me answer if and how James is connected to John James Keating’s family.


This is a follow-up to my 2017 message.

In 2019, I visited John and Nora Keatings' gravesite at Kilvarnogue Cemetery, Caherciveen and found two other Keating gravesites next to theirs, and wondered if they all relate back to Derreen, Caher.

At Kilvarnogue Cemetery, Caherciveen, where my great grandparents, John and Nora Keating, are buried, there is a gravesite next to theirs for the Keatings of Gurrane, Portmagee. There is a low border around these two graves.

In 1900 there were two Keatings living Gurrane, Portmagee, who could have been John's brothers- Michael (1849-) married to Catherine Sullivan and Maurice (1848-1900) married to Mary Donoghue (died) and Margaret Bourke. Both Michael and Maurices' marriage records show James Keating as father. In 1897, a James Keating, born about 1819, died in Gurrane, Portmagee. Margaret Keating witnessed. I assume this was Maurice's wife. Could this James be John Keating's father? Perhaps he had moved from Derreen along with Maurice and Michael? John's father might not be the James Keating living with Mary and Cornelius Keating in 1911 in Derreen at age 86.

Also, at Kilvarnogue Cemetery, there is a third gravesite for Andrew Keating of Ballard. It is next to the Keatings of Gurrane, Portmagee but outside the border. Andrew (1886-1957) parents were Patrick Keating and Johanna Sullivan. On his marriage record, Patrick was listed as living in Derreen, father- James. I have close DNA connections to Patrick's family, some went to Indianapolis, Indiana. I believe Patrick is John's brother.

Is anyone familiar with these Keating families?

Thank you for any assistance.
Regards- Mary


Saturday 17th Jul 2021, 01:20PM

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  • Hi Mary, 

    I've passed this message to our Kerry Volunteer email list. Hopefully someone will be in touch with you soon.

    All the best 


    David Whyte, IrelandXO l Ballyhoura Development

    Wednesday 21st Jul 2021, 08:16AM
  • Hello -


    I see a Caherciveen record location "Boharbee" in IG for John Keating born to John Keating and Norry Sullivan dated May 16, 1848  sponsor was Mary Sullivan.


    jeanniemac, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 21st Jul 2021, 01:55PM
  • Dave, Thank you.


    Thank you for responging back. I do know that my John Keating was born about 1858 in Derreen, Caher, Kerry to James Keating, per his marriage record, and Julie/Judith Kelly, per a book on the Keatings.



    Thursday 22nd Jul 2021, 12:27AM
  • MaryTV

    Thursday 22nd Jul 2021, 12:27AM


    Yes, I was thinking it was possibly a younger sibling of John since the parents name match. It does look like there were plenty!


    But I found John's birth record is in there but it is mistranscribed in IG as "Johanna" after I took a look at the actual images from the National Library of Ireland site.

    It is always important to comb the actual register images. I find so many transciption errors in IG.

    "Joannem", Latin for John, was born January 10, 1858 to James Keating and Jude Kelly.

    Here is a link to the actual image on NLI



    jeanniemac, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 22nd Jul 2021, 02:16AM
  • Jean,

    Thank you. I had been told it was 1858 but had seen Johanna so I wasn't sure. I appreciate that you checked the registry and confirmed it was John.

    Take care- Mary


    Thursday 22nd Jul 2021, 11:14PM
  • Jean,

    Can you transcribe who the sponsors were?

    Thank you- Mary


    Thursday 22nd Jul 2021, 11:29PM
  • Jean,

    It looks like Patrick and Mary Goggin were sponsors. It looks like there were Goggins living in Derreen at that time and still on the 1911 census. Perhaps Julie/ Judith Kelly, wife of James Keating, sister married a Goggin.

    Regards- Mary


    Friday 23rd Jul 2021, 10:11PM

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