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Kilcline from Roxboro'

Hi, I am trying to find information about my granddad called John Kilcline, he was born in Roxborough, Roscommon to Patrick and Eleanor Oats on 13th November 1870,

I know from the UK census files that the family had moved to Clay Cross in Derbyshire, around 1876, by the 1881 census (even though the spelling is KILCLOYNE) i know it is them,

BUT..... no John, his sister Ann is there with a stated birthplace as Ireland

but John (B:1870),

James (B: 1869),

Michael (B:1871),

Patrick (B:1873)

are not on the 1881 UK census, so my burning question is....Where were they?

John (my granddad) show up in a 1901 UK census as John Clyne and then again in 1911 UK census as John Cline (my dad William Kilcline is also on that census, as he was born in 1910) but his original birth certificate (which i have) shows him as William Kilcline, same parents, same address, everything fits.


Wednesday 20th June 2018, 10:28AM