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We search for information on Nana/Nola Brogan (b ~1740 to 17 July 1802) married to Hugh Kelly Esquire (~1740 to March 1807). 


AND Maybella O'Farrell, married to Bernard Kelly Esquire (~1776 to 18 January 1850).


This information is found on a family vault in the Kilcommon Old Cemetery, Lecarrow, County Roscommon.

Was Bernard Kelly Esquire a son to Hugh Kelly Esquire, perhaps? Is that how the designation was passed on in that setting at that time?

Of primary importance for us - Bernard Kelly Esquire (above) had  (? to be confirmed) a brother, Arthur, also born around 1776, who was married (here we need help) to a Mary Kelly (nee?) from Donagh parish in Co Monaghan. She would emigrate to Prince Edward Island, CANADA, with three sons, Edward (1806), Arthur (1819) and John(1820) and a daughter (?) Sarah/Sally.

It appears that Hugh Kelly Esquire had a brother, also Bernard, referenced on the same vault (~1738 to 1823/28?). Assume brothers?

Any help available would be most appreciated. Thank you.



Pauline Murphy Sutow

Monday 12th Sep 2022, 01:38PM

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