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My Great Great Grandfather was John Kilea born 1841 Enniskillen and lived most of his life according to the census in Liverpool. He was married to Cathrine Maguire born 1842 Enniskillen. Unsure when they travelled to live in Liverpool but their first daughter Mary was born in Ireland the other 12 children were born in Liverpool




Sunday 16th Jan 2022, 05:01PM

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  • Karen, 

    I searched the on-line RC records for Enniskillen but did not find either John & Catherine’s marriage, nor the birth of Mary who, judging by the 1871 census was born in Ireland c 1862. Next child in the census was Margaret aged 6 born in L’pool, So that suggests the family moved to England 1862 – 1865 or thereabouts. Couldn’t find Margaret’s birth but there was a Catherine Kildea birth in Liverpool 1867 M Quarter Volume 8b page 227 (mother’s maiden name Maguire). There was Elizabeth in 1868 and another Elizabeth in 1870. Perhaps one died?

    You could try going through the original RC records for Enniskillen in case the events have been overlooked or are hard to read:  

    Otherwise I am afraid I can find no record of the family in Ireland.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 18th Jan 2022, 08:33PM
  • Many thanks for taking the time to research this information for me. From 1871 John Kildea and Cathrine are well documented in the census in Liverpool. Mary Troy states in the 1911 census she was born in Kildare.

    Frustrating that they seem to have no records previously.

    One of the trees in Ancestry has him born in Clogher Donegal. I am unsure if that is still in Enniskillen ? It has his fathers name as William then another record has him with parents Elisetha Kildea and father Gulielmus

    Thanks again for your support




    Thursday 20th Jan 2022, 02:52PM
  • Karen,

    I searched for Mary’s baptism in Kildare but again without success. Not all RC parishes have baptism records for that period and so it’s possible that the parents marriage and Mary's  baptism were in a parish with no surviving records. (Statutory birth & RC marriage registration didn’t start till 1864, so no easy way round that).

    Enniskillen and Clogher are not the same place at all. Enniskillen is in the parish of Enniskillen and that’s in Co. Fermanagh. There is a townland called Clogher in Co Donegal. It’s near Donegal town, in the parish of Donegal. So 50 miles from Enniskillen and in a different county.

    There are about 30 places in Ireland called Clogher, all over the country, including one in Co. Fermanagh (Clones parish), so a tricky one to research. I noticed the Clogher birth myself. I don’t think there was any source given, and so it may not be very reliable. Possibly an Ancestry hint that someone has accepted without investigation.  You could contact the owner to see if they can assist.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 21st Jan 2022, 10:12AM
  • Dear Elwyn

    Thank you again for taking the time to search this for me I have had the same issue searching Liverpool records for their marriage

    Kind regards




    Saturday 22nd Jan 2022, 01:17PM
  • With their first child being born in Ireland you might expect the marriage to have been there, but perhaps not.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 23rd Jan 2022, 12:00PM

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