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I live in Australia but will be in Ireland in September 2019.  I would like to meet some of the relatives of my great g/father if possible.  He was Laurence (sometimes spelt as Lawrence) Killian and was born in Drum, Roscommon.  

Laurence's parents were Denis Killian, farmer, and Bridget Fanning.  I don't know about what siblings Laurence had and whose descendants might still be around.

I would be pleased to receive any information about the members of the Killian family, past or present.

Thanks,  Marilyn.

Marilyn Leeds

Saturday 9th Mar 2019, 11:11AM

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  • Hello Marilyn

    Welcome to the IrelandXO Co. Roscommon Community!

    Can you give us the DOB of Laurence Killian and any other vital details, leads you may have. When did he emigrate? Was an address given on the ship's manifest for example? 

    "Killian" was not recorded in the 1857 Griffith'sValuationn for Drum but there was a Laurence Killeen at Kilmocolmock and Mihanboy for example. You should know that Killian / Killeen / Killion / Killen are all variations of Ó Cillín

    If you could post all your details about Laurence to the Drum Ancestor Chronicles, we should be able to point you in the right direction.  

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Sunday 10th Mar 2019, 12:36PM
  • Hello Marilyn,

    My husband has a Laurence Killian in his family tree born c. 1857, Drum with parents Denis Killian and Brigid Fallon - you have Fanning.

    Willing to share information if you think there may be a family connection. Contact:



    Sunday 10th Mar 2019, 11:38PM
  • Dear Marilyn:

    Thank you for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board.  I have contacted a volunteer in the area who may be able to assist.  Please allow a week or two for them to reply to you.  If you have any further questions about your upcoming trip that we can assist with, please let me know. 


    Kind regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 12th Mar 2019, 02:35PM
  • I have a Michael KILLIAN (b. abt. 1820 Drum Roscommon) married (Nov 24, 1844 Killmain Roscommon) to Catherine FALLON (b. 1823 d. Drum Roscommon).

    They had 6 children born in Drum. Johanem, Mary (1848), Michael (1859), Ellenora (1860). 

    Could these be relatives of your KILLIAN? 




    Sunday 15th Dec 2019, 08:03PM
  • Hullo suburbanvolvo

    The place is right (Drum, Roscommon),  Catherine Fallon is right but I have her married to Denis Killian.  Laurence was the first born child of Denis and Catherine & was born in1857.  this also gives us an idea of when Denis and Catherine married - about the mid 1850s, probably.  Laurence's next was sibling Mary and there was a Peter and a Denis and Margaret at the end of the family.  I am still trying to work all of this out.  Not sure if this fits with your relatives!  Arae you coming from the Fallon or the Killian side?

    Regards,  Marilyn.


    Marilyn Leeds

    Thursday 19th Dec 2019, 10:18AM
  • It seems our Fallon/Killian don't match up. I would suspect that they are related though because of the same area and the Killian/Fallon connection. Catherine Fallon is third ggrandmother and Michael is my third ggrandmother, I come from Killian to McGrath. They both came from St. Peter's Athlone Drum.


    Friday 20th Dec 2019, 12:24AM
  • Hullo suburbanvolvo - Yes, there a few coincidences.  St Peters, Athlone is in our story.

    Do you have the family tree drawn up by Father Jarlath?  If not, I could send this to you if you wish to provide an email address.  I think we could probably find the connection there.

    Regards, Marilyn.

    PS I've just seen at the bottom of the message board that I can attach a file - so if you haven't got the tree and it's under 8 MB, I can send it to you.  

    Marilyn Leeds

    Sunday 22nd Dec 2019, 07:43PM
  • Hi Marilyn, sorry for the late reply. For some reason I just saw this. I do not have tree by Father Jarlath. My Ancestry username is suburbanvolvo1 if you have a subscription. If not I can send you an invite so you can see my tree.


    Monday 3rd Feb 2020, 10:52PM
  • Hi Suburbanvolvo

    I have been over our family tree which is developed from James Killian (1734 - 18? ? unclear writing).  I cannot find any branch of our family tree that has any of your family names. 

    James is very likely to have had siblings and cousins and one of these might be your family line.  Alas, I don't even have the name of James' wife.  So I think I'm not much of help to you. 

    If I do come across anything related to the names you've given me I'll let you know.

    So, best of luck!  Irish family history certainly has a few challenges.

    Regards, Marilyn.

    Marilyn Leeds

    Thursday 6th Feb 2020, 06:38AM
  • I'm late to the party here, sorry.

    My paternal ancestors were mostly Mackens & Killians (Galvins & Doolans also)..

    In my family tree, Bridget Fallon (1839-1917) was married to Denis Killion (1828-1895).  The couple had ten (or more) children, born between 1857 & 1879.

    They lived in Kilmocolmock Townland, Drum Civil Parish, County Roscommon.

    I hope this may be of some help!

    Best regards,

    Mike Hardy

    Mike Hardy

    Friday 30th Jul 2021, 06:31PM

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