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My name is Patrick Donahoe and I live in the USA. My great grandmother is Sarah Logue from Tullagh near Clonmany. Her mother's maiden name was Devine. Sarah and several family members moved to the Boston area in the 1800s. I have fairly extensive information of the family here in the States, but little info about the family in the Tullagh / Clonmany area. Please contact me if you have, or want, information on the Logue family either in the USA or in Ireland. Best... Patrick


Monday 12th Jul 2021, 12:38AM

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  • Hello Patrick,

    What year, or approximate year was Sarah Logue born in Tullagh, Donegal, and what were the first names of her parents? Also, is it possible that her mother’s maiden name could have been Devlin?

    In addition, did Sarah marry in Ireland or in Massachusetts? What was the name of her husband and was he from Ireland?

    The answers to these questions may help researchers obtain more information about Sarah and her family in Ireland.

    Thank you,

    Dave Boylan


    Monday 12th Jul 2021, 10:28AM
  • Patrick/Dave:

    Two Logue families in Tullagh in the 1901 census. The first may be the family of Sarah Logue. Many Devlins in Clonmany parish in the 1901 census. No Devines but there are Dever/Devir families.……

    Roger McDonnell


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 12th Jul 2021, 01:55PM
  • David and Roger,   Thanks for your prompt replies,


    Here is some additional information,

    1. I made a mistake the Sarah Logue's mother's maiden name is Devlin...not Devine


    2.  Here is some  name information about her parents which I believe is correct because I got it from USA marriage and/or death certificates:

    - Father's name: Ed Logue  (I'm guessing at the birth year of  circa 1840)

    - Mother's maiden name:  Margaret Devlin (Again, I'm guessing at a birth year of circa 1840 

    3, Information about Sarah Logue:

    - born circa 1864 (per USA census)

    -emigrated to USA in 1882 or 1883 (per USA census)

    - married George Mullen in 1884 in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA per USA marriage certificate  (George's parents were apparently born in Ireland, but George might have been born in St. John's New Brunswick and later emigrated to Boston some time between 1860 and 1880)

    Sarah's appears to have the following siblings

    -Annie M Logue  (b.1865 d.1898) who married Alfred McKie in the USA in 1897. Her year of emigration is unknown

    - Mary Logue born 1867   .  I have no other information

    - Charles E Logue b 1870  maybe married Ellen Dever in 1904 near Clonmany.  Maybed died in the USA in 1920 in Massachusetts.

    - Edward Logue b 1872 . Emigrated to Boston in 1889,  Year of Death unknown but was after 1900.  Appears not to have married. Lived with a Devlin family in Boston (same name as mother's maiden name)

    - Bridget Logue - Born 1878, died 1945 in Massachusetts.  Arrived in the USA in 1894.  Married Charles Duffey Charles  1901 in Massachusetts










    Monday 12th Jul 2021, 08:01PM
  • Patrick:

    I will defer to Dave for further research and commentary but it appears the second (not the first) census record listed in my first response would be your family based on your latest info.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 13th Jul 2021, 12:35AM
  • Hello Patrick,

    I found the baptism transcription for Sarah “Looge” at the Find My Past (FMP) website. The transcription shows her baptism took place in the Clonmany Catholic Parish on 22 November 1863. Her father is Ed Looge and her mother Margaret Devlin. The residence of the family at the time of Sarah’s baptism is “Norway,” though I believe this would refer to a section of Tullagh, rather than the country of Norway.

    You can view the transcription at the FMP website after you establish a free account. The baptism transcription can be found at:

    The FMP transcriber probably had a bit of a challenge deciphering the baptism from a copy of the original, hence the spelling of the surname as “Looge.”

    The transcription provides a link that will take you to the copy of the original Clonmany Catholic Parish register entry for Sarah’s baptism. This link is:

    You’ll see two facing pages of the baptism register. The baptism entry for Sarah is on the right-hand page, 7th entry up from the bottom of the page.

    You can enlarge the register by means of round icons in the upper center/ right of the screen. The icons are white with green backgrounds. You can also access the full-screen function by clicking on the last icon on the right with the two arrows pointing northeast and southwest.

    Once you view the baptism record you can see why the FMP transcriber thought the surname was “Looge.” The baptism record shows the residence of the Logue family at the time Sarah was baptized, was “Norway.”

    The baptism record further shows that Sarah’s godfather was Patk (Patrick) Waters. Her godmother was Biddy (Bridget) Devlin, who may have been Margaret’s sister. The priest who baptized Sarah was L. Devlin, who may also have been related to Margaret.

    The Clonmany Catholic Parish Church is called St. Mary’s, and is actually located in the townland of Cleagh/Clehagh, Clonmany. A Google Map shows that the church is 2.6 miles southeast of Tullagh. See the map at:

    For a Google Street View of St. Mary’s Church and graveyard, go to:

    According to the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage/Buildings of Ireland website. St. Mary’s Church was constructed circa 1814. For a comprehensive architectural description and a slide presentation of the exterior and interior of the church, go to the Buildings of Ireland link at:

    For a Google Street View overlooking Tullagh, see:

    The baptism record shows that Sarah and her family were living in Norway at the time that Sarah was baptized. I found Norway, Tullagh, Clonmany, Donegal, on an Ordnance Survey Map of Donegal from the 1837 to 1842 time period at the GeoHive website. The map is attached to this reply.

    I also found the Irish birth and baptism records, as well as Massachusetts records for more children of Edward Logue and Margaret Devlin, and can send these to you in a follow-up reply if you would like them. The Massachusetts records are from the FamilySearch website.

    There is no birth record for Sarah Logue, as births were not recorded under Ireland’s civil registration system until 1864. Sarah was born in 1863.

    Best Wishes Patrick,



    Tuesday 13th Jul 2021, 04:44AM
  • Attached Files

    Hello Patrick,

    As a follow-up to the previous reply:

    Concerning the marriage of Edward Logue and Margaret Devlin, the National Library of Ireland does not have Clonmany Catholic Parish marriage registers. Clonmany Catholic baptisms however, are available from 12 January 1852 to 28 May 1881. See:

    The subscription RootsIreland however, does have Clonmany Catholic marriages from 1852 to 1900 as well as baptisms from 1852 to 1900. Currently there is a 20% discount for a 1 year or a 6 month subscription. The discount ends July 14. But, you can also purchase a 1 month or a 1 day subscription. There are no discounts for the 1 day or 1 month subscriptions however. See:

    You can do a lot of research with a 1 day subscription if you do not want to tie into something more expensive.

    The other thing you can do is post another query to Ireland Reaching Out asking one of the volunteers to look for the Clonmany Catholic Parish marriage at RootsIreland for Edward Logue and Margaret Devlin, explaining they would have been married prior to Sarah’s baptism on 22 November 1863. Reference the attachment with this reply for the “Inishowen (Donegal/Derry)” baptisms and marriages for Clonmany and several other Inishowen, Donnegal Catholic parishes.

    If Edward Logue and Margaret Devlin were born and baptized in the Clonmany parish, there will not be baptism records for them, as the they would have been born prior to 1852.

    If they were born in another Donegal Catholic parish, you would need to know the names of their fathers and the first and maiden names of their mothers to pin down their individual baptism records.

    With Regards,



    Tuesday 13th Jul 2021, 10:24AM
  • Patrick/Dave:

    According to Roots Ireland transcriptions, Margaret Devlin and Edward Loage were married March 6 1859 in Clonmany church. Witnesses were Charles Lague and Charles Doherty. Edward was from Norway and Margaret was from Tullagh.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 13th Jul 2021, 04:31PM
  • Many thanks for searching RootsIreland Roger. Your assistance is always very much appreciated.



    Tuesday 13th Jul 2021, 09:24PM
  • Hi Patrick,

    I have leads on my 3xGGmother Mary Ann Logue, which has her listed on her son Michael McLaughlin's baptism record of 1853 in Clonmany with their residence as Norway also. I wonder if she may have been a sister or other relative of your Logues. Seems likely given the proximity. 



    Friday 15th Jul 2022, 12:17PM
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    Many thanks, Caz


    Sunday 17th Jul 2022, 01:43AM
  • Caz:

    I will contact an Admin and see if the attached file can be deleted.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 17th Jul 2022, 02:03PM
  • Caz:

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    Roger McDonnell

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    Sunday 17th Jul 2022, 02:13PM
  • Caz D.

    I've not found any relationship between your Mary Ann Logue and anyone in my family tree...yet.  But agree a connection somewhere is likely given the small place.


    Best Regards, Patrick (Padraig)




    Sunday 17th Jul 2022, 08:02PM

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