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I am looking for my Great Grandmother. She was born as Bridget McCabe.  Born about 1839.  I have a document that says she was born in Bellblaney County Monaghan.  Does this town exist?   She married Denis Regan (of Shandrum Cork)  and lived in Canada.  I am trying to determine where she was from in Ireland and whether she married Denis in Ireland or Canada.  She came to Canada some time before 1874.  I would welcome any suggestions.  


Sunday 25th Feb 2024, 01:44AM

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  • Perhaps the place was Castleblaney or Castleblayney.

    Maybe you could post the document so we might see the birthplace?

    Do you know the names of her parents, siblings, or children?



    Sunday 25th Feb 2024, 01:52PM
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    Hi!  thanks so much for responding.  All I have is a mention of her birthplace on her son's baptismal record.  Baptism took place in Toronto Canada.  She died in Toronto Ontario on Oct 1, 1899, in her 60th year. 


    I cannot find her Canadian death certificate. And without a birth date, middle name or other particulars, I have not been able to  find her on the site. Her eldest son was born in Toronto ON, in 1875, so I know she came before then.  Given that her spouse was from Cork, I am wondering if they met here in Canada.  No one else on who also have her in their family tree, have any further info on her.  Nothing in our family records either.  :o(  I have tried to attach the baptismal record where her birthplace is mentioned. 

    Denis Regan JR baptismal record.png


    I have hit a proverbial brick wall!


    Monday 26th Feb 2024, 12:04AM
  • Possibly it was Ballybay and the person who spoke it or wrote it was mistaken?


    Monday 26th Feb 2024, 10:02PM
  • regrettably I have nothing further to go on.   Her hometown was clearly written as BellBlaney (or Belbblaney) on her son's birth certificate. :o(


    Thursday 29th Feb 2024, 12:57AM

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