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My origins are the following;

ULTACHS, meaning Ulster people, were descendants of the victims of Protestant bigotry and persecution who had to flee
from Ulster, in some cases as far back as 1793. Around that time, a secret Protestant society was formed in North East
Ulster with the avowed object of banishing all Catholics to ‘Hell or to Connacht’, a statement which was a revival of Oliver
Cromwell’s proclamation of over one hundred and fifty years earlier This secret society, because they carried out their acts
of murder, arson and intimidation at daybreak, took the title of ‘Peep O’ Day Boys”.

Most of my family originated in Gort, Gallway.

I’ve joined in hopes of tracing other Loughry / Loughery / Loughrey Descendants. I’m residing in UK, but have close ties to Ireland and the above surnames. I have a document which also mentions surnames Deely, Glynn, Lally.

I have lots of resources on family history I’m happy to share. I know I have living relatives in Pennsylvania and Canada. 


Wednesday 17th Apr 2024, 09:56PM

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  • Hi There,

    In my parish of Kilbeacanty there are connections to Loughreys in Beagh and the surrounding Sliabh Aughty area. A previous enquiry about the loughreys from the States listed Loughrey's ancestors .Here is a link. 

    You might find find a connection there.

    There were Ultach families in the parish and Derrybrien and Woodford areas. What have you found out about them? I think this Facebook a posting about the Ultachs


    What connection have you found with Deelys,Glynns, or Lallys

    Anne McCarthy Murphy

    Kilbeacanty volunteer

    Anne McCarthy Murphy, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 22nd Apr 2024, 12:19AM
  • Hello.  I am also researching (what I believe to be) the same family.  I am a descendant of one of the four children of John and Kate Loughrey that emigrated to Delaware in the United States and have traced the Deely, Glynn and Lally names in our tree too. We have compiled a lot of information on the family members that emigrated here and then, in many cases, moved on to other areas if that is of any help to you.  I also reached out here to try to learn more about the family's history and connections.  If you were interested, feel free to contact me at  Thanks, Maryann


    Saturday 27th Apr 2024, 06:51PM
  • Maryann, I believe I have a lot of info you’d find really interesting on the family history - I was forwarded on a document which details many relatives and I think I’ve found you on there! I’ve sent you an email, which I hope hasn’t gone to spam and gone missed. I’d be more than happy to go over this document via a zoom call sometime, if you are! Best wishes, Lou 

    Sunday 28th Apr 2024, 11:10PM

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