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Trying to find out all the lynch family name's of Lydacan Castle.

Lydacan Castle
In the mid 19th century Andrew H. Lynch lived in Lydacan Castle and owned almost 1,700 acres of land in Lydacan, Caherlea, Gortatleva and Lissarulla. Patrick Qualter was caretaker of the estate.

The next occupant of the castle was Martin O’Flaherty. He evicted some families in order to enlarge his fields and to let the land to better tenants. This incurred the strong anger of Fr James Commins, who was parish priest at the time, who preached a sermon against him in which he said that for a Catholic he was turning out as bad as Pollock. This made O’Flaherty disliked and feared. He was disliked for other reasons too. It was said that early in life he was a Young Irelander but that previous to the insurrection of 1848 he had fled to Australia or New Zealand to avoid taking part in it. He returned after some years having made some money.

The circumstances in which he came into possession of the Lydacan property are said to be as follows. The estate had been in the possession of the Lynch family previously and the last of them, a Mrs. Lynch, who was known among the people as An tSean Mhaistireas, became impoverished and the place was put up for auction by the creditors—whoever they were. No one wished to deprive the lady of her home and those who might be expected to bid agreed tacitly at least not to do so. O’Flaherty, who was described as being a ‘hammer man’ at the auction, made a bid and the property was knocked down to him.

These two circumstances, the way he acquired the estate and the fact that he was a renegade from the national cause, led to his being feared and also rather despised. Martin O’Flaherty sold Lydacan Castle to James Greated. O’Flaherty died c.1870..As i have teo john lynch's that came from here.Trying to find out all name's of family member's.And if their's any picture's of family or of origanal castle.Sincerly:jennifer lynch


lynch (GALWAY)

Saturday 22nd Aug 2020, 03:57PM

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    Dear Jennifer:

    Many thanks for your post to the IrelandXO message board.  There is a very active local historical society in Galway which will be able to assist you with names of Lynch families who resided in the castle.  You might also check out the Landed Estates database which also listed information about families and their residences:  This is the link for Lydacan Castle.  You will see that it also refers to families who were associated with the property over the years.


    If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Tuesday 25th Aug 2020, 01:01PM
  • Hi Jennifer, I can send you some photos of the castle if you like



    Mike Kilkelly, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 31st May 2021, 08:10AM
  • Hi :Jane Halloran Ryan would love to get some photos of the castle .Would  appreciate it very much.Thank you.sincerly:jennifer lynch

    lynch (GALWAY)

    Sunday 29th Aug 2021, 12:22AM

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