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Mary Dowds was the eldest daughter of Alexander Earls Dowds and Annie Nunan.

Mary Dowds was born on April 30, 1903, in 19 Waltham Terrace, Blackrock, Rathdown, County Dublin, to Annie Nunan, age 26, and Alexander Earls Dowds, age 34.


Civil Birth Registry- 30 Apr 1903 • 19 Waltham Tr, Blackrock, Rathdown, County Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Mary Dowds was born in Jun. 1903 in Rathdown and was listed in the 1911 Census as born in 1903 in Dublin City, aged 7, able to read and write.

Mary attended Alexandra College 1918-1922

Mary may have been a secretaty or clerk living in an apartment 8 Herbert Street, Dublin.

1946 at 43 Mary was admitted to St Itas Hospital, Portrane, spending the rest of her life in care. I have received some information about her condition and it states she was intelligent, reading the paper & writing several letters to family everyday. She kept herself busy, sewing knitting and crocheting, with little contact from family. 

Mary Dowds died on 24 June 1985 in Dublin, Dublin, when she was 82 years old. 24 Jun 1985 • Dublin Ireland

Have I exhausted every avenue for research on Mary? I have talked to extended family and she wasnt talked about much, some didnt even know of her existence.

There seems to be a gap in her life between leaving school 1922 till the time she was admitted to Portrane in 1946


Tuesday 23rd Jun 2020, 02:58PM

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  • Unfortunately for most ordinary people there would not be much left in terms of records other than the census returns and records of birth, marriage and death. The exceptions would be people in business or trades that might appear in Directories etc, mentions in Wills etc, or Newspaper articles for some people, or those involved in criminal activities. Women in particular, many married wives and daughters, would often not appear in records between these vital events, especially as the census records after 1911 are not accessible .

    Voters list might be worth trying, these would show adults eligible to vote at a particular address, but no other details, Waltham Terrace would be Blackrock County Dublin for Voters, so probably Dún Laoghaire Rathdown archives - I’ve seen some Voters Lists at Lexicon Library Dún Laoghaire, but not sure if these cover Blackrock or just Dún Laoghaire..  I know that some dates are closed for public access.

    Do you have a date, or approximate timeframe for Mary at that Herbert Street address ?
    I might be able to check it in directory listings… if the address turns out to be flats it may not have a detailed list..

    Many Dublin City voters lists are available in the Dublin City Library, Pearse Street.


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 22nd Jul 2020, 04:35PM
  • Thank you shane147.

    I believe Mary was living in flats at 8 Herbert Street at the time of her admission to St Itas Postrane in 1946. I believe the voters lists were removed from Online a few years ago. Unfortunately i live in Australia so unable to do any local research


    Saturday 25th Jul 2020, 12:51PM
  • In Thom's 1944/45 Directory many of the buildings on Herbert Street are shown as flats - but number 8 gives a name - "Doyle Kelly, Mrs. Margaret" The usual format is : surname comma title forename(s), so looks like a double barreled surname - not sure if it's any help....

    THe same name appears at no. 8 and other addresses on Herbert Stret in slightly earlier and later directories - e.g. 1938, 1948 etc.

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 28th Jul 2020, 10:43AM

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