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William McGreece b 1804 / 1805,  am unable to find details of birth place or date or details of his parents.

Variations of McGreece encountered include McGreese, McGrease, McGriece, McGreice, McGrice, McGrieve, McGrace !!!!!

Have a burial record for a Sidney McGreece 29/4/1859,  Boa Island, Templecarn, Donegal.   [ Definitely not Sidney b 1827, married Patrick Gallagher /Gallacher and died in Girvan, Ayrshire,Scotland in 1914 ]   So could possibly be William's  [ b 1804 ] mother given naming patterns !!

Apprenticeship records show a Wm McGreece of Trory Parish [Fermanagh]  apprenticed to Francis Adams of  Clonelly  as shoemaker at age of 10 yrs  1/3/1814, recommended by Rev Mr Tuthill for Lord Bishop of Clogher;  my Wm McGreece's occupation was a shoemaker !!

William McGreece and wife Jane Cashore [Cashon] were married at Tubrid Church, Kesh 19th July 1826 and  have 4 children's baptisms recorded at Tubrid Church, Kesh, Fermanagh

            Anne Jane b 1833, Alexander b 1835, John b 1838, Thomas b 1841

However 2 earlier children, Sidney [female] b c1827 and William b c1829 birth places are not known

Jane Cashon's parents possibly  David and Jane [Johnson]

           Other instances of this family name occur in Spinning Wheel records, Tithe Books;  Hugh and Patrick but no connection known


Alexander McGreece b 1835 and Margaret Graham married 1st May 1856  Tubrid Church, Parish of Drumkerran, Co Fermanagh  [ Tubrid Church records]

    Alexander, son of William McGreece and Jane Cashon [Cashore] b 30th Aug 1835 [Tubrid Church records] and Margaret, dau of William Graham and Jane or Anne Kennedy? [ uncertain of Margaret's mother]  b 8th Mch 1836  Curraghmore, Parish of Drumkerran, Co Fermanagh;    Margaret's parents married 25th Jan 1827  Templecarn Parish, Donegal

          Margaret's sister Isabelle married Charles Sproule 30th Aug 1854 Tubrid Church; other sisters Eliza and Catherine

      Partic interested in details of William Graham and his wife also

Have not been able to further research of this family since last posting some years ago; not for want of trying !!!

Am unable to visit to view records in person and have paid researchers to find most of what is known to date !!    William and Jane along with children Anne Jane and Alexander emmigrated to Australia in 1857 and 1859 and their families details are reasonably well documented

Note with interest, numerous occurrences of McGreece / McGrice in USA whose heritage is Irish but unable to establish links to date; Any assistance here much appreciated also



Sunday 14th Jan 2018, 12:37AM

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  • For information the parish of Templecarn is partly in Donegal and partly in Fermanagh. Boa Island is in Fermanagh, on Lough Erne. The Church of Ireland records for that parish only start in 1825, so if that’s where Sidney McGreece was born, and where William McGreece was also born, then the records don’t go back far enough to trace either event.

    You say that William married in Kesh (which is not far from Boa).  That’s in the parish of Magheraculmoney. Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church, so it may not be where the groom came from. Their records start in 1767 so you might find the bride’s baptism and siblings in those records.

    The 1856 McGreece=Graham marriage is on-line (she’s recorded as Margret) and should give you the couples respective townlands, and fathers occupations which may help pinpoint where they were living. You can view the original certificate on-line on the GRONI website, using the “search registrations” option:

    You will need to open an account and buy some credits. It costs £2.50 (sterling) to a view a certificate.


    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 14th Jan 2018, 07:02AM
  • mcgreece/Elwyn:

    Roots Ireland has a transcription of the McGreece/Graham marriage. Both parties were 22. Alexander was from Ardshankill and Margret from Curraghmore. Both townlands were in Drumkeeran civil parish. The registration district was Enniskillen.

    The father of Alexander was William and the father of Margret was also William. Both Williams were farmers.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 14th Jan 2018, 02:26PM
  • Using Roger's information, I had a look in Griffiths Valuation for 1862. There were 36 households listed in Ardshankill. None had a McGreece as head of household, so the family had either moved away or were lodging with someone in the townland, or were in a property of too low a value to be listed in Griffiths. However in Curraghmore there are 2 William Grahams listed. Senior & junior which usually indicates father & son.

    William Graham senior was on plot 4, a 9 acre farm, and William junior was on plot 20 which was 4pieces of land totaling 17 acres. Those two farms today are not too far apart and are off the Spring Town Rd, on the shores of Lough Erne, opposite Boa Island.

    The Valuation Revision records take Griffiths forward. William senior on plot 4 changes to “reps of” in 1879, indicating he had died. It changes to Anne Graham in 1880 (his widow presumably) and then to a Mr Bentley in 1884, suggesting Anne had also died.

    I searched the death records and found William’s death on 5th April 1878 aged 88.

    I searched for Ann Graham’s death post 1878. I did not find it. However I did find an Ann Graham who died in Curraghmore on 4.8.1895 aged 92 but who was a spinster.  So she’s presumably related to the family in some way. (William senior’s sister perhaps). The informant was Sarah Shaw of Curraghmore, and you will see that a James Shaw briefly rented Wm junior’s farm, so there’s a connection there.

    No Grahams in Curraghmore in the 1901 census but here’s the Shaw family:

    William junior on plot 20 changes to Barton Graham in 1872, then to Robert Graham in 1893. In 1900 the tenant is James Shaw before reverting to Robert Graham in 1902. I can’t tell you how long he remained tenant as the volume covering 1914 onwards is not on-line.

    There’s a likely death for William junior in 1870 aged 56. The records for that year are not on-line free yet so I can’t confirm it.

    Here’s the only Graham in Curraghmore in 1911, a widower.

    Probate abstracts:

    Graham Robert of Curraghmore Clonelly Kesh county Fermanagh farmer died 20 January 1930 Administration Londonderry 27 August to James Spence auctioneer. Effects £70 17s. 2d. Limited Grant. Unad grant Derry 13.7.32

    Graham Robert of Curraghmore county Fermanagh farmer died 20 January 1930 Administration (d.b.n.) Londonderry 13 July to Thomas Allen farmer. Unadministered effects £60. Former Grant Londonderry D.R. 27 August 1930.

    Robert Graham died intestate. His executors failed to administer the estate and so a fresh grant was made to a new executor on 13.7.1933. The relevant probate file should be in PRONI, in paper format.

    I noticed this Barton Graham in the 1901 census. Barton is afairly unusual name and so he might be the Barton who had Wm jrs farmfor 20 years. In which case he may be related.…

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 14th Jan 2018, 05:33PM
  • Thank you Elwyn and Roger for your replies. Your information and particularly your links most useful



    Thursday 18th Jan 2018, 04:27AM

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