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I have posted about this family previously but in recent times I have found what I am hopeful are baptism records for the family in question - in Parish of Leitrim, Diocese of Clonfert. The only issue I have is that the family surname appears to be spelt three different ways (McHugo, McHuge and McHugh) and I was wondering whether this was common and whether anybody thinks that I am on the right track? Thanks

What I knew before I strated the search of Catholic Parish Records was that the family comprised at least, a mother Mary, and children Thomas, Catherine (or Kitty), John and Biddy. Thomas, Catherine and John were convicted of stealing two sheep in the Portumna courthouse in 1848 (I think, along with another lady by name of Ann Kinavon) and sentenced to transportaion to Hobart, Australia. John subsequently died in Kilmainham gaol but Catherine, Thomas and Ann Kinavon all ended up in Hobart.

I have included below excerpts from the Catholic Parish records for the baptisms of Thomas (1824), Catherine (1826), Bridget (1821) and another child (Joseph, 1829) who we had not previously identified. They all seem to have the same parents Thomas McHugo and Mary Brehenny , but the father's surname looks like it is spelt McHugo, McHuge or McHugh in different records

Also there is no record for John (born around 1832) but there appears to be no records at all for that time period

Thanks for any help someone might be able to provide - just looking for some confirmation or otherwise, as whether you think I am on the right track




Tuesday 24th Sep 2019, 03:15AM

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    Thanks Miriam,

    Yes, I found the baptism record for Francis after I posted this note yesterday. I spent quite a lot of time, going back through the records to 1815 yesterday, hoping to find a marriage record for Thomas and Mary but no luck. I did pickup the record on Francis and found a couple of other McHuge baptism records that might have been frm the extended family but not the same couple. In each case, one fo the sponsore had been a Mary McHuge which matched the sponsor name for "my" family. There was Michael (born Feb 1817) to Andrew McHuge and ?? Colman (could not decipher the christian name), with sponsors William ?? and Mary McHuge; and also a Mary born Jan 1817 to a William McHuge and Mary McHuge (sponsors Andrew McHuge and Mary McHuge)

    I have been through to the end of 1829 and could not find John so we may never find him.

    Thanks very much for your help



    Wednesday 25th Sep 2019, 06:24AM
  • Thanks Miriam


    Thursday 26th Sep 2019, 02:56AM

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