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Hello, I have been researching my family in Achonry Parish and am looking for advice on how to go back further in time.  Here's the earliest generation I've found:

Patrick (Patt) McEntire lived in Pullagh in 1827 and is listed there in the Title Applotment book; he presumably died before 1857 because his wife Mary is listed as the leaseholder at the time of the 1857 Griffith's Valuation.  I would estimate he was born around 1800, but have found no record of that.  They had 3 sons - Patrick born in 1839 who immigrated to the US around 1855; John born in about 1845 who immigrated to the US around 1860; and Peter born around 1848 who remained in Ireland, married a girl (Margaret Healy) from Pullagh, and lived in Leitrim North/Cloonacool as of 1901 and 1911.

Patrick (Patt) McEntire may have had 2 brothers, John McEntire and Denis McEntire who appear in Cloonacool and Leitrim North, respectively, in the 1827 Tithe Applotment book.  Both of those townlands are very close to Pullagh.  I can't be sure they are related, but given their close geographic proximity in 1827 it seems plausible.

I would appreciate any suggestions about how to trace this family back further to the previous generation(s).  Are there any church records for the late 1700s or early 1800s for this area, and if so which church would have them?  They were Roman Catholic.

Thank you!

Megan McIntyre

Thursday 7th Jun 2018, 09:38PM

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  • Hello Megan,

    I am afraid the news is not great as far as I can see, RC church records for Achrony start much later, RC records from the 1700s are rare, Catholic Emancipation only came about in 1829, the registers online are here but your parishes start late even by Irish standards There may be earlier records but they have not been located.

    I do not see anyone of that name on the 1796 Flax Growers List, mind you this is only those who grew flax so little can be said with any certainty except they did not grow flax.

    There is a volunteer group putting together a registry of deeds, see You can track their progress on their Facebook page. 

    Here is an interesting site about areas but from your query you may have it.

    North Leitrim is not that close to where you are searching, Leitirm is a separate county to Sligo and they join at their more northerly ends, Achrony is more south west of Sligo.

    I checked the Down Survey 1640 and 1670 but no names matched. It is called the Down survey as they laid chains down for measurement, that is where the Down comes from and not from the County as this idiot thought for a long time.

    Good Luck,



    St Peters Louth, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Sunday 10th Jun 2018, 10:53PM
  • Thank you Pat, I appreciate the insight and suggestions.  I’ll check the websites you mentioned but It sounds like I shouldn’t be overly optimistic.  Regarding Leitrim North, I believe there was a townland with that name in County Sligo, separate and apart from the County of Leitrim.  See  It seems to be adjacent to the Cloonacool townland.  

    Best regards, 

    Megan McIntyre



    Megan McIntyre

    Monday 11th Jun 2018, 10:39PM
  • Hi Megan


    I just stumbled on your post on Ireland XO, we were in touch previously on I have Paddy McIntyre married to Julia O'Connor down as Peter McIntyre's (my great Grandfather) son, and I agtree he was married to Margaret Healy. I have a living relative who remembers Margaret who died when she was a teenager and she provided the information regarding Peter's father Paddy.

    It might interest you to know I've traced Julia O'Connor's family back to Rollo (Gongu Hrolfr) Ragnvaldsson 860-931 who was the original Viking conquereor of what then became known as Normandy. You still have access to my tree on Ancestry, feel free to check it out

    As usual with geneaology there are more questions than answers!


    Take care






    Monday 4th May 2020, 02:43PM
  • Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the note.  My husband is a descendant of Patrick and Mary McIntyre through their son John.  Since the time of my first post I’ve concluded that Peter McIntyre probably wasn’t John’s brother after all.  I think you’re right that they had different parents. My husband has a DNA match to a descendant of Peter, so Peter and John were related somehow but I don’t know how.  It could be through the McIntyres or the O’Connors or maybe both. I suspect John’s mother Mary was an O’Connor by birth, but there are no records available to make the connection.  I’ll check out your tree, thanks!



    Megan McIntyre

    Tuesday 5th May 2020, 02:49PM

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