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I'm hoping to connect with any family that may still be around that are connected to Charles McLaughlin (McLoughlin) born about 1790, son of James McLaughlin, farmer and Mary McFadden. He married Anne Carlin (of William Carlin and Julia Hegarty), apparently in Creave about 1815. They had 6 children - James (c1813), Julia (c1822), Catherine (c1823), William (c1825), Bridget (c1826) and Anne (c1828).

Charles was tried and found guilty of "uttering forged notes" in 1829 and subsequently sentenced to 14 years transportation to New South Wales. Charles arrived in NSW in 1831 and his wife and children didn't follow him out until 1841.

Letters the Leck parish rector had written to the NSW Colonial Secretary's office on Charles and Annes behalf (pleading to allow Anne and the children to join him) said Charles was from Carrygawley and his wife currently resided in Ballyboe.

So far, we have not connected with any existing family that may still be living in the area, so would love if someone reads this and recognises the names.

Cheers from sunny Queensland!


Wednesday 7th Feb 2018, 10:43AM

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  • Dear Mel:

    Many thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board and welcome to the site!

    I have forwarded this query to several of our Donegal volunteers who may be able to assist you.  You might give them a week or so to reply.

    In the meantime, your ancestor Charles McLaughlin would make a great ancestor profile to the XO Chronicles (tab at the top of the page).  Many of our members have created ancestor profiles for their family research.  These profiles are updated weekly and read widely by all members.  There has been a lot of success stories from members who have been able to share and collaborate with others researching the same families.  If you have any difficulty creating one, please email me at:

    Thank you for your interest in Ireland Reaching Out and the very best of luck with your research!

    Kind regards,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 7th Feb 2018, 12:09PM
  • Hi Mel, 

    I appoligise for the delay, I have been looking throughout this week to see if I could gain some ground and try and find any McLaughlin or Carlin families living within locations in north Donegal that sound similar to these, back in the early to mid 1800's. To be honest, It is extremely difficult due to it being so far back as regards sourcing records etc..

    The majority of time the furtist back you can really go in County Donegal is the 1840's and 1850's as this is when Church Records started to be recorded for Roman Catholics, possibly a liitle further with Church of Ireland.

    I will continue to look, however the fact that the family followed him in 1841, there is very little chance of finding family, possibly narrowing it down to a location you could visit if ever travelling here might be the best we can offer. Have you ever considered DNA testing, as it is getting very popular with families in Donegal, helping extended families connect back to where they came from.

    Kind Regards

    Seamus Callaghan

    Parish of Clondavaddog, Donegal


    Clondavaddog Donegal, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 17th Feb 2018, 12:03AM
  • Mel

    Saturday 17th Feb 2018, 11:20AM
  • Thanks Seamus. May I say, If I was to ever have another son, i was going to call him Seamus. It was not to be.

    My mothet has had DNA but not very helpful. Is there any cemeteries for McLaughlin, Carlin, McFarlin in the Ballyboe area?


    Saturday 17th Feb 2018, 11:29AM
  • Sorry, not McFarlin. I meant McFadden.

    Cheers Mel


    Saturday 17th Feb 2018, 09:11PM
  • Hi Mel,

    I am afraid I am a bit caught for time, but I would like to send these links onto you, I hope they may be of some help to you and please let us know how you get on.

    Kind Regards



    1834 Tithe Applotment Books – Parish of Leck  

    1858 Griffith Valuation  - Parish of Leck 


    Location of Ballyboe, Leck (Zoom in and you will see location of Creeve also) 


    Irish Gravevards Website – Donegal Link (select graveyards from Letterkenny from Donegal list) 


    Townlands called Ballyboe in Donegal 

    Clondavaddog Donegal, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 18th Feb 2018, 10:55PM

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