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Tracing my ancestry back and i am now finding links in Killumond to my Mulvey family - and it would appear other related Mulveys in nearby areas.

Happy to link up with any Mulveys still living in the area to swap family history details

thanks Dion

small blue doris

Friday 27th Apr 2018, 01:53PM

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  • Fáilte Dion!

    Welcome to IrelandXO's Croghan (Killummod & Killukin) Community.

    The Mulveys came in to the Croghan area in the late 18th century.  Killummod Mulveys are closely related to those in the civil parish of Killukin (Boyle) I'd highly recommend you join that parish group (as well as Tumna). The main family clusters are east of Croghan in the Drumlion area. Later branches elswhere originated from here. 

    I can give you more information depending on your particular family group. 

    Have you pinpointed a townland of origin yet? Either way, you are sure to find plenty of distant cousins in these parishes today. 

    If you can add your ancestor(s) to the parish database I'll be able to guide you more. 


    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Saturday 28th Apr 2018, 03:33AM
  • Hello Rua,

    brilliant to hear from you and thanks for the information you have provided.

    i am not particularly great with computers but i think i have uploaded some ancestory information about my ggggg grandfather John Mulvey Circa 1770 -

    i have also joined the Killucan community too.

    i look forward to recieving any further information or guidance from you.

    kind regards


    small blue doris

    Thursday 3rd May 2018, 02:10PM
  • Hi Dion

    The Mulveys were (and are) numerous in the area around Carrick-on-Shannon. They migrated westwards into the parishes of Killukin & Killummod (aka Croghan) in the latter half of the 18th century.

    In the Elphin Census of 1749, the only Mulvy / Mulvee recorded in the Croghan catchment area was in the townland of Cleaheen (par. Tumna).

    From the time parish records began here (1811) multiple Mulvys were baptising in the RC parish of Croghan (Killukin & Killummod). All Mulvey clusters resided east of Croghan in the vicinity of Drumlion (nearer to Carrick-on-Shannon).

    Can you tell me about the evidence you have that he was also known as "Lackey"?  (Loughlin/Lackey was handed down through certain family clusters in the parish).

    Can you tell me what supporting evidence you have that your Malachy Mulvey was from the parish of Killummod? How did you find your way here? Was there a townland mentioned in a death cert by any chance?  

    Any more details from your location records would be helpful.


    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 4th May 2018, 01:27AM
  • Failte Rua,

    i have uploaded some information that i recieved about Malachy & Catherine Moran. (it looks like all of these children with the exception of Patrick died in the great famine)

    this (below) is from the irish family history information i recieved

    3. Malachy (Lackey) Mulvey was born in 1802 and died on 5th April, 1872 in Knutsford, Cheshire.

    He first married Frances (Fanny) Martin on 14th March, 1831 in Killucan RC Parish, County

    Roscommon. Fanny must have died shortly after the wedding (probably during childbirth) because

    Lackey next married Catherine Moran on 2nd February, 1834 in Killucan RC Parish, County

    Roscommon. Catherine was born about 1805 and died between 1847 and 1850.

    It then looks as though Lackey and his son Patrick leave Ireland and come to England. Where a few years later Lackey marries again to Ann Hardey and they all remain in the Knutsford-Cheshire area.

    i appreciate the time and information you are providing me with and i hope the infomation above helps you to guide me in the right direction?

    kind regards


    small blue doris

    Friday 11th May 2018, 12:54PM
  • Hi Dion

    Still digging away at this one for your Mulveys...

    Rockville Charitable Loans 1837-41 (Dennis & John Mulvey as guarrantors)

    Killummod 1842 Tithe Applotment Records

    Killummod 1858 Griffiths Valuation

    Killummod 1901 Census

    Killummod 1911 Census

    How sure are you that  the Malachy that married Fanny Martin is the same man who married Catherine Moran? (Martin family location is a different Mulvey cluster).

    FYI Laughlin Mulvy of Ardlavagh (of which there were a succession of descendant of the same name) turned up on record as "Lawrence" as well. 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Tuesday 29th May 2018, 10:14AM
  • Failte Rua,

    below i have attached the complete family history researched for me using a geneology web site company* in Ireland.

    as you will deduce Malachy is alleged to have married Fanny Martin before Catherine Moran?

    i have uploaded two marriage documents supplied by the company* and you will read some supporting comments in the pdf attached.

    my main aim here ( with your marvellous help!) is to try and filter out the Mulvey relations and hopefully find my direct line back to the correct irish townland where hopefully some Mulvey's will still reside? i believe that Mulvey is recorded in the 1796 Flax Growers list for Co Roscommon but i am not sure if we are related (at this stage)

    Thanks Rua, i hope i have not overwhelmed you with information but at least you will see how i have come to be led in this direction.



    small blue doris

    Wednesday 30th May 2018, 02:53PM
  • Attached Files

    Hmmm ...

    That report seems vague on how it got to its starting point. How did they establish that Patrick Mulvy (m. Ann Flanagan) was a sibling of your Malachy? There is evidence of multiple Patrick and  Malachy Mulveys at that time. 

    Early Croghan parish records are too patchy (gaps in records and errors by the recorder were frequent) to allow any reliable guesswork based on naming patterns. Newlywed Catherine and Malachy would be typically having a baby annually for the first 5 years. This means their actual family could look like this:

    Malachy Mulvey & Catherine Moran

    John 1834 John Mulvey & Eliz McDermott


    Patrick 1836  James Gallagher & Mary Cunningham > d. 1892 Cheshire


    Anne 1838  Thomas Beirne & Brigid Cunningham


    Edward 1841  Charles Horan & Brigid Moran

    Malachy b. 1843 John Mulvy & Eliz Horan

    X Delete Brigid b.1847  from your list (the priest inverted father's and godfather's names) her parents were John Mulvey & Catherine Horan

    I have a feeling that the marriage to Fanny Martin may be a guess without foundation. (The Croghan parish records are so patchy and unreliable around that time - that they have no baptismal records is no indication Fanny died). I see very little evidence to link the Martins to Killummod. 

    QUESTION 1:  on Malachy's marriage to Ann Hardy in the UK, does it give detials of his parents names? his place of origin? Is there any fact leading you back to Killummod, other than Patrick's DOB matches a baptism for Malachy Mulvey & Catherine Moran?

    In any case, here's a snapshot of Killummod North: John, Owen (b.1811) & Dennis (b.1809) Mulvy were most definitley peers. Patrick looks like next generation (new build, much smaller farm).

    Anyway, its GOOD to know that Malachy wanted to keep the name Charles in the family. That's a significant lead. The Mulvey 3 (Dennis, Owen & John) also baptised a Charles.

    The previous generation of Mulvey in Killummod included the following siblings:

    GENERATION 1 KILLUMMOD (18th century ... parents settled here after 1749):

    * = registers give Killummod as an address

    1. John Mulvey & Mary O’Gara 1814-1832 (bro. of Charles below, Malachy Mulvy (born 1790s) Dennis Mulvy, Roderick Mulvy, Patrick Mulvy, Brigid Mulvy. Mary O’Gara godparents for Owen Mulvy & Brigid Verdon in 1838, adding Owen aka Eugene Mulvy as a younger sibling.
    2. Malachy Mulvy  (born in the 1790s) & Catherine Moran bro.-in-law of James Gallagher; bro of John above
    3. Brigid Mulvey & James Gallagher (sister of Charles & Margaret Mulvy)  
    4. Charles Mulvey & Brigid Shannon baptising 1815-18 (bro. of John Mulvey m. O'Gara on map and Brigid above)
    5. Owen Mulvey (born no later than 1799) 1819 GP for Bernard Ward & Cate Flanagan of KIllummod* 1813-35  
    6. Pat Mulvey & Ann Flanagan: m. circa 1803 of KIllummod* bro.-in-law of Bernard Ward* (m. Ca Flanagan)
    7. Mary Mulvey sister of Pat Mulvy (m. Ann Flanagan)
    8. Margaret Mulvey sister of Brigid Mulvy
    9. Dennis b.1809  m. McGreevy bro of John above
    10. Roderick Mulvy DANESFORT bro of John above
    • Malachy Mulvey (born no later than 1794) & Eleanor Keavany/Kavanagh 1816 no evidence to establish he lived in Killummod, save for a stray Flanagan 



    I don't believe you will be able to cross the line further back into the 1700s (I have multiple family lines in this parish and it's near impossible to do without a headstone).

    What you can be sure of is that the previous generation of Mulveys were well-established in Killummod.

    Killummod was already a Mulvy stronghod by the end of the 18th century.  No doubt about that. You have much information as those of us stay-puts who knew their townland (none of us can go back any further). You can be happy with that.

    I have two burial records indicating different prishes of origin for Croghan Mulveys. Haven't established yet if they link to Killummod. 



    I have a feeling that Malachy Mulvy moved in to the Moran family farm (smaller, more conjested and unsustainable) which would be why Catherine did not survive, and Malachy emigrated. 

    I'll draw up a Killummod Moran map of you if you are certain of that couple being your ancestors. That way you'll certainly know the general point where that cluster lived.



    What you CAN do next is look into their landlord Lord Crofton of Mote Park to see if any of these names turn up on estate records (held by the National Archives and National Library of Ireland). You could well be in luck. 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 30th May 2018, 07:17PM
  • Hi Rua,

    thanks so much for the information provided. there is a lot to take in i will follow your advise though regarding Fanny Martin & Bridgid and delete from my direct ancestors.

    i have attached the 1857 wedding certificate for Lackey. it shows his father as John Mulvey, farmer deceased.

    When i originally contacted the irish geneology web site all i had was a reference Tithe Applotment Books 1823 - 1837  to a Lackey Mulvey Roscommon Killukin Ardlavagh 1834.

    so i directed them to this point.They then made the assumptions as presented in the history i have sent to you. The only other direct evidence was the 1871 English census for Knutsford in Cheshire, which lists Lackey from Ireland Roscommon, and his son Patrick  too.

    Well that it for now. going to make a brew and re-read and take a look at Lord Crofton!

    kind regards


    small blue doris

    Thursday 31st May 2018, 03:34PM
  • That marriage cert is interesting... 

    (a) John Mulvey (deceased before 1857) was a farmer (i.e. had land to his name ... so Crofton would have had him recorded, hopefully a lease transfer to a son will tell us when John died)

    (b) This Lacky Mulvey was born in 1818/19 (age 38 at time of marriage in 1857). But didn't you have 1802-1872 as Lacky's vitals?  Hmmm... Do you have a death cert? 

    (c) Judy Collins witnesses the marriage. (Collins is a Killummod surname, specific to Canbo townland). Whether this is a coincidence or not, depends on her using her maiden name on the cert. (Catholic parish records always recorded the woman by her maiden name.) Do you have any Catholic Parish register to match?

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 1st Jun 2018, 01:05AM
  • Hi Rua,

    i have uploaded Patrick's marriage certificate to show his father (Lackey) is named Lawrence - gives so credence to your research which shows a Lawrence in the Ardlavagh records.

    i have uploaded death certificate information for Lackey who died in 1872 in Knutsford (Patrick) was in attendance at the time.

    i have uploaded a section of the 1871 Knutsford census which shows Patick, his wife and children along with Lackey living together. Lackey is 69 years a widower, and a pedlar by trade!

    i agree that everything shows that Lackey was born circa 1800 -1805 with John as his father but i have not been able to trace down any birth or baptism certificates for Lackey.

    i hope that this information is of use to you and may point you in the right direction?

    many thanks and i really do look forward to hearing from you again.



    small blue doris

    Friday 1st Jun 2018, 12:26PM
  • Hi Rua,

    reviewing the family information you have kindly provided, i am a little confused (sorry)

    Am i correct in assuming that John Mulvey 2 and Mary O'Gary 1814-1832 bro of Charles are siblings of John 1 (farmer 1770) or John 2 is the son of John 1 and Lackey (Malachy) if we assume he is born in 1838 is the son of  John 2 ?

    kind regards


    small blue doris

    Friday 15th Jun 2018, 02:55PM
  • Hi Dion

    I somehow missed your last message. Sorry for the late reply.

    I am not quite sure where you got John Mulvey b.1770 from?

    What you can be sure of is that the John Mulvey of Ardlavagh (1805-1898) on Griffiths Valuation is not the deceased farmer on Malachy's UK marriage cert.…

    I'm still digging away at Ardlavagh to establish whether the Lacky residing there in 1835 should be eliminated in your case or not.

    I would strongly urge you to follow up on the Crofton Mote Park estate rental records (as previously suggested) as I have a strong sense the answers are hidden there. (a) the Killummod Mulveys were tenants of his, (b) John Mulvey of Cashell (1790-1821) near Ardlavagh was buried in “Killmean Cemetery” at Mote Park.
    Follow this thread for Croft9n rentals and maps:…

    Until you do that, all you can go on is guesswork for such an early period.

    It would be great if you had some record in the UK confirming Patrick's mother. If it is Catherine Moran, then you can be certain of Killummod.

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Saturday 23rd Jun 2018, 05:26AM
  • Hi Rua,

    i have attached a baptism certificate for Patrick. it names Malachy and Catherine as his parents? i havent managed to nail down his actual birth certificate....yet !

    small blue doris

    Tuesday 26th Jun 2018, 02:28PM
  • small blue doris

    Thursday 5th Jul 2018, 01:51PM
  • Hi Rua

    i have found Malachy's and Catherine's marriage entry. see attached. pity these documents dont give a father name (or if they do i cant see one!)

    seems to me that we are on the right track with Killummod?



    small blue doris

    Thursday 5th Jul 2018, 02:01PM
  • small blue doris

    Friday 20th Jul 2018, 10:23AM
  • Hello Rua

    are you still with the organisation? i am hoping to visit at the end of Feb 2020

    i wondered if it would be possible to meet up with you to discuss my ancestory and hopefully take some guidance from you

    i look forward to hearing from you

    kind regards


    small blue doris

    Tuesday 4th Feb 2020, 03:59PM
  • Hi Dion

    That's great news that you will soon visit Croghan.

    Before you come, be sure to link in with the Carrick Heritage Group. One of their committee members is from the Drumlion area and may be able to give you info on the Mulvey cluster there.

    Also you can email me directly at

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Friday 7th Feb 2020, 03:03PM
  • Hello everyone, I am new to this site, but I have an interest in the Mulvey Family and have been following the messaging between Dion & Rua and between Kath and Roger MacDonald.   

    Both Dion, in the Descendants of John Mulvey write-up he attached for Rua, and Roger in response to Kath, presumably independently, reported a Parish Record for the baptism of Michael Mulvey on 11th June 1831 in Killucan, Roscommon.   I had previously looked at the Killucan Parish Records (04606/05) and had also found what seemed to be this very same record.     So far, so good......

    However, in re-checking my research, curiously I am now unable to find this record!

    I was then alerted by Kath who, like me, could not find this 1831 record, BUT, however, she did find what appears to be exactly the same record, including the same sponsors, but dated 11/6/1821 rather than 1831!   (page 46 on the fiche). 

    I would very much appreciate any thoughts on this, as the baptism of Michael is a key lynchpin in the research we are doing.     In particular,  I would be grateful to hear from Dion and from Roger  regarding the source of their information (microfiche name and number and also the page number please)

    Thank you very much






    Thursday 16th Jul 2020, 02:44PM

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