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My great grandfather, Daniel McGeehin, emigrated from Ireland (likely Donegal) in 1872. He married Mary Anne Boyle who was born in America to Irish parents. They lived in an Irish enclave in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Their first born children were named as follows:

First born male: Daniel

First born female: Bridget

Second born male: John

Second born female: Hannah

I don't know with any certainty who Daniel's parent's were. But Mary Anne's parent's were John and Hannah. This might suggest that Daniel's parents were Daniel and Bridget. I know this is not the most common naming tradition (i.e. that the first male and second female would be named for the paternal grandparents, while the second male and first female would be named for the maternal grandparents). However, I have been told by a professional Dublin-based genealogist that the tradition used by my great grandparents was not that uncommon.

I am curious to know if others have seen this naming pattern in their families, especially for Donegal ancestors.




Thursday 9th Jun 2022, 01:10PM

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  • Jack:

    I checked the subscription site Roots Ireland to see if I could find any Daniel McGeehin/McGeehan baptismal records and the earliest is 1874. You likely know that there are very few pre-1850 baptismal records for Co. Donegal.

    I did look at the 1857 Griffiths Valutaion head of household listings for Daniel McGeehin/McGeehan records and located six in parishes which border each other in west/central Donegal. Perhaps that is the are where you ancestor came from. See below.

    I will contact one of our volunteers who is originally from Donegal and let him respond to your question. It may take a fews daysto hear back from him.

    Roger McDonnell

    SourceSurnameFirst NameTownlandParishCounty

    GriffithMcGeehanDanielBallynascallGartanCo. Donegal

    GriffithMcGeehanDanielBellanamoreInishkeelCo. Donegal

    GriffithMcGeehanDanielDerrynagrialLettermacawardCo. Donegal

    GriffithMcGeehanDanielDerryleconnell FarLettermacawardCo. Donegal

    GriffithMcGeehanDanielDerryleconnell NearLettermacawardCo. Donegal

    GriffithMcGeehanDanielGalwolieLettermacawardCo. Donegal

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 9th Jun 2022, 04:29PM
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    Thenaming pattern as given here on IrelandXO was common before the famine and less so after. However, I would always use it in the first instance necause you wouldbe lost if some other system was used - there is precious little to link one generation to another in the early eighteen hundreds?

    Also not if there are gaps in the timing of children when trying to apply the sequeunce

    Seamus Crowe, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 3rd Jul 2022, 01:39PM

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