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Hi,  My name is Claire (Robinson). My mother's maiden name was Maureen Ann O'Rourke. Her parents both came from County Leitrim by way of Ellis Island.  My grandafther, John Thomas O'Rourke was born Nov. 20, 1908 in house 2 in Mullaghbaun, Parish of Inishmagrath . He was baptized in the Church of Drumkeerin.  His parents were Charles O' Rourke and Bridget Cassidy.  I have a copy of the 1901 Leitrim Roscommon Census and it appears that Bridget's father, Hugh Cassidy was living with them at the time well as their baby daughter, Mary Ellen. Charles and Bridget would go on to have 10 children (Patrick, John, Myles,Michael, Frank, James, Beatrice, Catherine, Alice and Mary Ellen)  I would love if anyone had information on the date of their marriage or parents/grandparents.

My grandfather, John, came to New York, via Ellis Island as a passenger on the S.S. Carinthia , arriving 1932.  He met my grandmother, Marion McNiff, in New York and they were married in 1934. She was born August 15, 1908 in house 11 in Greaghnaglogh(Mahanagh, Leitrim) . Parish of Killargue. Baptized in the cChurch of Geevelea Parish of Killargue. Her parents were Patrick McNiff and Mary McNiff. (Children - Margaret, Delia, Maryanne/Marion and Patrick.) .

If anyone can point me in the right direction to do a bit more research on our family tree it would be greatly appreciated.

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Friday 16th Mar 2018, 12:12AM

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