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I am looking for more information on my 2nd great-grandfather (born abt. 1835) in Kilfenora area. He married a Mary Fitzpatrick, and had three children that I have records for: Bridget (1855-1941), Mary (1858-1932), and my great grandfather Patrick Joseph (1861-1943). All three siblings emigrated to the US and were buried in California. Their parents did not emigrate. I would love more information on both parents, and possibly Patrick Pierce's parents. My records indicate that Mary Fitzpatrick was born in County it unreasonable for that time for her to marry someone from an entirely different area? I often dismiss records when I see a person is born one place, married another, and died somewhere different as I have been told that folks didn't travel much back then.


Carolyn Toohey


Sunday 31st Jan 2021, 06:36AM

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  • Hi Carolyn,

    The Irish are a nomadic people! People were transferred from Counties Cork and Kerry to Clare and other areas during the Cromwellian period. Source: Order for Transplanting - Dublin 12th February 1655. 

    Please see which has a lot of data on the County, including Kilfenora, also - Griffiths's Valuation early 1850's. Free Sites



    Sunday 31st Jan 2021, 08:34AM
  • Hi McCoy,

    Thanks for your speedy reply! I will take a look at those resources. Regarding your first statement about a nomadic you mean that even after 1833 (my ancestor's date of birth), long after the Cromwellian period, that the Irish moved around? It sounds like a silly question to ask these days, but back then, maybe not.


    Thanks for your assistance,



    Sunday 31st Jan 2021, 04:16PM

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