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Thanks to PRONI, we have a copy of Mrs. McClay's tombstone transcriptions, and these include several people by the name of PATTON (with spouses) in the Old Aghanloo Graveyard. Some of these are:

Abraham PATTON, died 1800
Alexander PATTON, died 1856
James PATTON, died 1837
Joseph PATTON, Esq., died 1829
Matthew PATTON, died 1753
Robert PATTON, died 1830
Tristram PATTON, died 1775
William PATTON, died 1831
another William PATTON, died 1837
and yet another William PATTON, died 1849

Not all these people lived in Aghanloo parish, many being from Tamlaght Finlagan, and there are fathers and sons.

If anyone has any knowledge about these people and their families, please contact me. Thank you!
Linda Reverchon

Linda Reverchon

Thursday 28th Nov 2019, 07:17PM

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    Hi Linda

    My name is Richard Anthony Francis Patton, I have a copy of the Patton Family Tree and we have:

    • Matthew PATTON, died 1753, Father of Abraham Patton. Married a Martha Meharg (d 1759)
    • Abraham PATTON son of Matthew, died 1800 (b 1725) Married to a Jane Smith (I dont have a date of marriage).
      • We have an Alexander PATTON (son of Abraham Patton), died 27 July 1857 (1 year off your date of 1856).
      • We have James PATTON, died 1837 also a son of Abraham Patton 
      • Im looking for details on another son of Abraham: Marcus Patton and his two sisters Anne and Matilda Patton.
    • Robert PATTON, died 1830, I have a Robert Patton died 1715, brother of Matthew Patton d 1753 and Son of Phillip Patton d 1720
    • William Patton, died 1831, I have a William Patton d: 1802
    • Tristram PATTON, died 1775, Son of Mathew Patton, married a Mary Miller (I dont have date of marriage either)
    • I have a Matthew Patton, brother of Abraham and son of Matthew d 1753, but i dont have birth, death or marriage details for him

    I dont have any of the other William Patton's

    Hope that helps. I am also looking for any of the dates of marriage for Abraham Patton (d: 1800) siblings: Mark Patton, Matthew Patton,  Anne Patton, Mary Patton, Jane Patton, Letitia Patton.

    I have included the piece of the family tree that matches many of the people on your list.



    Monday 2nd Mar 2020, 05:24PM
  • Hello, Anthony,
    I'm delighted to see your post. We are a group of American (and Canadian -- that's me) Patton cousins trying to find the place of origin of our common ancestor, Tristram Patton, who immigrated to North America around the time of the American Revolution and settled in what would become West Virginia where he died in 1843. He had lots of offspring almost all of whom had many children. So we are a lot of Tristram's descendants who do not know what part of Northern Ireland contains our roots.
    The partial tree you sent is intriguing because we have a part of the same tree which was given to us by Marcus Patton of Belfast. Marcus said it was his father who created it, based on research done by a great uncle. Pretty vague, but that's all we've got.
    Please write me directly at and I will share with you whatever more we have come up with about this branch. We have been working on it seriously since 2011.
    Linda (Patton) Reverchon

    Linda Reverchon

    Tuesday 3rd Mar 2020, 01:36AM
  • There is a Facebook group called Limavady Area Ancestry and I have just posted about some of the members of these lines. You are welcome to take a look and to see if you get a response from people who connect into the various Patton groups. The headstones containing the information above are taken from headstones at Aghanloo Old Graveyard. One of the Abraham's (1801-1898) was the Rev. Alexander Patton who died in Bangor, Co. Down. He had two sons Robert and Marcus: I wonder if it is his line that you have been in contact with? We look forward to welcoming you. Fiona


    Friday 19th Jun 2020, 02:12PM

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