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I'm trying to find out more about my family who lived and died in Bishop Street.

I think the last person who died there was a David Quaine, early 1950's who if correct, is my great, great, great Uncle.

If there is any other information regarding the Quaine family, marriages, gravestones etc (plus variant spellings) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Janey Quaine.



Wednesday 11th Mar 2020, 08:53PM

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  • My great great grandmother, Catherine Quinn married William Farrell about 1840


    Tuesday 17th Mar 2020, 04:34PM
  • Hi Lin.

    Thanks for this. I've been looking at various sites and cannot find where they married, but have found Quinn/Farrell around the Roscommon and Keadue area + several children.

    John Farrell. Bridget Farrell. Ellen Farrel. Mary Farrell. Are any of these names familiar to you? 




    Friday 20th Mar 2020, 12:57AM
  • Hi

    I live in Cobh not too far from Bishop Street, but have not lived here all my life. I have some limited information, as follows

    David Quaine  Date of Death  1 October 1945

    Margaret Quaine   Date of Death  30 March 1970

    Elizabeth Quaine   Date of Death   6 September 1967

    Annie Fisher          Date of Death    29 December 1969

    David and Margaret were married and all shared the same address of 19 Bishop Street. I know this from old memorial cards that my mother had.  I think that this was the Elizabeth who was the bridesmaid at my mother's wedding Joan Harty in Cork in 1948.   I am yet to find a definite family connection between the Quaines and Hartys.

    The Quaine headstone in the local graveyard details David and Margaret as above and also the following deceased

    Daughter   Lily Quaine   Date of Death 10 February 1976

    Daughter in law   Jane (Cissy) Quaine   Date of Death  5 July 1983

    Richard (Dixie) Quaine   Date of Death   18 July   1986 and

    Jeremiah Quaine     Date of Death   28 September 1987


    A seperate gravestone records the death of Michael Quaine (Rasher)  Date of Death 5 July 2015, aged 66.


    Hope this is of some assistance to you

    Vincent O'Driscoll






    Tuesday 5th May 2020, 03:45PM
  • Hi   I forgot to mention that David Quaine was aged 70 and Margaret Quaine was aged 90. Elizabeth was aged 88 and Annie Fisher 88. This information is on the memorial cards

    Tuesday 5th May 2020, 04:00PM
  • Hi Vincent.

    Thanks for this. This is tying in nicely with what I've found through Irish Genealogy.

    David Quin/Quinn/Quaid/Quaine (01/05/1875) (spelling variants on documents) and when cross checking, would be the son of my GG Grandfather, Henerey Quin/Quinn/McQuin (1832-35) (again variants) who died in 1928 in Bishop Street at age 96. Person present was his daughter Elizabeth (04/02/1879). Henerey's wife was Eliza Cody. 

    David had siblings.

    Henry Quinn 14/08/1865 - my great grandfather.

    Richard Quin 14/02/1868.

    Catherine Quine 03/08/1869.

    Michael Joseph Quinn 23/03/1871

    Elizabeth Quinn 04/02/1879

    There were also 2 infant deaths. One was David's twin.

    It would appear there may be some kinship between our genealogies.

    I was in Cobh last year and spoke with Christy, who is the genealogist at the Heritage Museum. He was able to give me some useful information.

    I hope to come back in 2021-2022 and explore more, but if you find out any more information, that would be great. 

    Kind regards.

    Janey Quaine.


    Saturday 16th May 2020, 11:15PM
  • Thanks Janey

    Kind regards


    Sunday 17th May 2020, 06:58PM

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