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Greetings to all. I'm currently researching my wife's family, as her family has not been in the states near as long as my own.  Her Paternal line is the Carter's.  I've long known Peter Carter came to America in the 1860's from Co Mayo. He lists West Port as his home a couple of times and has a wife name Kate Gaffney.  What I just learned yesterday was he was baptized in 1843 in Burriscarra, and that his father was James and his mother was Elenor McAvily.  That is how they log her name in the births of her sons Peter and also a John who was born 1861.  That last name is unfamiliar to me. Hoping someone with local knowledge will be able to steer me toward more info. I am thankful for this opportunity to connect and wish everyone all the best in their respective searches.



Friday 15th Jan 2021, 10:05AM

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    It seems James and Eleanor were married in 1840 (see attached) and they had children John (1841), Peter (1843) and James (1845). The parish records didn't start until 1839. Although there may be a few marriages in Mayo in the 1820s, I couldn't find a record of a Carter marriage (that is, no record of James' parents).

    Hope this helps.

    Best wishes, Kieran Jordan

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 15th Jan 2021, 01:14PM
  • Thank you!


    Friday 15th Jan 2021, 03:40PM
  • Just now able to view the record.  This definitely helps.  I have found a Daniel Carter in Mayo in that time period, hoping he may be the father of James but i will need to do some digging to see if that holds true.  Thanks again, WG


    Friday 15th Jan 2021, 04:27PM
  • Did James put Westport as his place of birth or his last home in Ireland? If he chose the nearest big town, was he not as near to Castlebar? Perhaps the family moved to Westport when James was young. When was the last child baptised in Burriscarra? 

    Do you know the year James emigrated? Did he go with family or alone? Did he marry Kate before or after leaving Ireland? 

    Maggie May

    Wednesday 20th Jan 2021, 01:50AM
  • Thank you for your reply. I believe the year of emigration was 1866-1868.  And seems he travelled alone.  He married Catherine Gaffney after he came to America. He settled in a rural farming community in Kentucky just south of Cincinnati that was heavy with Irish farmers. The Gaffney and Moloney families were already settled in there.  On one or two census' he lists West Port as his home town but very well could've picked the closest "big" town. I'm just really learning about the geography of Ireland, and definitely want to come over there and see these places in person.



    Wednesday 20th Jan 2021, 04:54PM

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