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Looking for ancestors and descendants McPartlan and derivatives also McDermott also townland of Arm. Keavney or Caveney all settled in West Yorkshire with exception of one twin ancestor John McPartland  (twin brother of John born 1872 )who emigtated to USA  setled in Ohio. Sligo maybe connected and Mayo border with Roscommon. Any info much appreciated. 


Thursday 23rd Apr 2020, 06:59PM

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  • Lynn:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    Can you provide more specifics on your ancestors? Arm was a very large townland with around 70 families in the 1901 census. I found two McPartlan/McPartlin families in the 1901 census. Do these families relate to your ancestors?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 23rd Apr 2020, 07:35PM
  • Hi Roger its very nice to hear from you. I am a retirred Family History Researcher and Tutor.  So I feel fairly confident in what I have found during my research over the last 20+ years. I feel there maybe a connection from the 1901 Irish Census but I have yet to prove that. The forenames are similar if we take into account naming patterns.  The information thus far that I have include parish records from St Patricks Catholic Church in Castlereagh.  I have a full birth certificates for my great grandfather John McPartland and his twin brother Patrick McPartland born February 1872.  I have the parish entry of a marriage between my great great grandparents Patrick McPartland and Mary McDermott. Father for Patrick shown as James.  Residence at time of marriage Mary in Arm and Patrick in Meelickaduff.  I have identified the Chapel where the marriage took place which is in the townland of Arm.  Sadly only the gable end survives (as is tradition) along with the grave yard.  On one of my visits I spoke to a Mr Revins who was the graveyard keeper at the time.  He related to me that very few records survive for the Chapel most were burnt in his words "to keep people warm". Patrick and John (the twins) were the second and third child of Patrick and Mary.  Firstborn was Elizabeth b.1870 Patricka and John b.1872 Thomas b. 1873   William b.1876 (as there is a three year gap here there may have been siblings that never survived) Michael b1881 again another gap where there may have been children. Bridget 1883 and Mary Ellen 1885.  Therefore I know the family arrived in the UK between 1885 and 1891. I have my tree on ancestry but it remains private.  One of the recent hints, was for the McPartlin family a marriage banns entry in Sligo Easkey in 1941 for a Michael Corrigan resident in Inniscrome? and Cristina Boland resident Fir--od? maybe Fortlland? the parents for Michael Corrigan are Patrick and Mary McPartlin from Co. Cavan Originally the father was shown as James crossed out and Patrick inserted. I also know from my earlier reserach that Michael McPartlin b. 1881 married a Martha Dearing at St Josephs Catholic Church in Huddersfield I came across this as an entry from the Catholic Priest who had updated Michaels Baptism record with the marriage on one of my visits to Dublin.  This confirmed to me that there were still possible connections with family members in Arm and Huddersfield. My family name starts off as McPartland and ends up as McPartlin on arrival in Yorkshire. A gaelic speaker talking to a Yorkshire speaker!!  As an aside I have learnt from family stories from my mother that my great grandfather John's brother Patrick emigrated to the USA and settled in Ohio I dont know when he left,or where from to be able to prove the story.  I have trace the family to Ohio but who knows?  Sorry to be a bit vague but I am isolating away from home at present this is from memory.



    Monday 27th Apr 2020, 12:48PM

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