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Hello, we believe our Ryans came from Clonmel.  We will be visiting Tipperary June 7-11, 2024.  From family lore, Patrick Ryan was born in 1748 in Clonmel and was a cod fisherman.  He traveled to Newfoundland to fish and moved to Newfoundland (Bonavista area) around 1780.  Patrick died in King's Cove, NFLD in 1827. We know he married a woman named Mary and her maiden name might have been Aylward, but we are not sure.  We don't know if he married Mary in Ireland or in Newfoundland.  Patrick and Mary had 6 children:  Patrick, Thomas, Johanna, David, James and Mary, all in Newfoundland.  We are looking for family still in the Clonmel/Tipperary area.  We did find one baptism record for Patrick on July 30, 1748, Killenaule Parish in Tipperary, Diocese of Cashel and Emly, with only mother listed as Catharina Righte.  We do not know if this is our Patrick.  Does any of this family story sound familiar to anyone?  Thank you for any help anyone can provide.  Where would you suggest we visit in Clonmel?


Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 05:08PM

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  • Deb,

    Ryans are ubiquitous in Tipperary. In the 1911 census of Clonmel, there were 11,190 individuals with the surname Ryan.

    At the time your Patrick lived, the first or second daughter was almost always named for the paternal grandmother. (And the first son for the paternal grandfather.) But your Patrick did not have a child called Catherine, unless of course you have not found a record for her.  So I'm thinking, but of course can't prove, that your Patrick's mother was named Johanna or Mary and not Catherine.

    Do you have Patrick's marriage or death record, giving his parents' names?  Also, how did you determine the birth date? Birth dates for the Irish vary greatly in old records and should not be taken as gospel truth.


    I hope this helps.


    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 06:52PM
  • Hi, Patricia, thanks for your speedy reply.  I do realize that Ryans in Tipperary are numerous like the stars in the heavens!  The baptism date I mentioned comes from a source on Ancestry "Irish Catholic Parish Registers 1655-1915".  We do not have a death record or marriage record for Patrick Sr. born 1748.  We are hoping to do some research in Wexford when we visit, as it is our understanding that many Irish folks returned to Ireland to marry in the Wexford area, and perhaps that is where Patrick married Mary Aylward.  Other research sources when I've researched will lead to the names William and Mary Martin Ryan as his parents, but I do not have the documentation for that. Our search may be fruitless, but it is good to put it out there!  Any other advice????  Many thanks, Deb


    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 10:45PM

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