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I am seeking the Baptismal Record for my grandmother, Mary Ellen Geraghty, whom I found, after many years, through the Ancestry DNA test.The Civil Record shows that she was  born on May 4th, 1903, in the district of Clonbrock,the Union of Mountbellew, County Galway.…

Her parents were James and Sarah Fahy Geraghty of Lehenagh. My research shows that there were,at least, four Roman Catholic Churches in this area: St.Patrick's, Newbridge; Our Lady of Lourdes, Caltra; the Church/Chapel (A Friary) in Toghergar, and St.Mary's in Ballygar.

  I haven't found any records on the NLI Catholic Registers site, nor Ancestry or the LDS Family Search sites.

We are visiting the area (finally!) in September 2021 and I was hoping to have a chance to locate the actual Church records. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Great thanks for all that you do.

Greg Thornton

Greg Thornton

Monday 2nd Aug 2021, 03:09PM

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  • Hi Greg,

    No record found for a baptism of Mary Geraghty in 1903 on subscription site However, there are baptisms in Caltra for Julie Geraghty on April 25th 1906 for and a Patrick Thomas on January 4th 1913 (Birth: December 17th 1912).

    Priests shown as Fr. Gaffney CC and Fr. MacBrannain.




    Monday 2nd Aug 2021, 04:15PM
  • Hi Greg

    Here is a link to the Marriage record, usually the parish of the Bride.…;   Ist child was often born / baptised in Brides Parish so more than likely Newbridge or Castleblakeney.


    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Monday 2nd Aug 2021, 04:51PM
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    Further to previous post, James Geraghty and Sarah Fahy married in Newbridge on February 13th 1901. They may have had their children, Delia 1902 and Mary 1903 baptised there.

    No Civil record found for Patrick Thomas Geraghty. Baptismal Sponsors were Michael Keane and Mary Byron. Baptismal Sponsors for Julie (Julia) Geraghty were John Ford and Helen Craven.




    Monday 2nd Aug 2021, 04:54PM
  • Dear McCoy & Gerard,

       My great thanks for following-up so quickly and for providing the names, links, and leads to some of my Geraghty ancestors. I will be looking into the information that I did not have and to confirm the records that I had found. 

      I had the record of James and Sarah Fahy Geraghty's Marriage at the Chapel of Newbridge, February 13, 1901. Thank you, Gerard, for the confirmation.The baptisms of some of the Geraghty children that you found is new, and I appreciate that. I wish the site was a little less prohibitive, price-wise. I know what a great resource it is.

    One of the things I do find in researching my family history is that quite often, the Catholic Churches go by the townland name, rather than the actual Chuch title, i.e. St.Patrick's/Newbridge. Curious, that. Maps help to be sure. Caltra's Catholic Church is known as Caltra, and I assume (always dangerous) that it would be Saint Solan's:…

    Of course, the NLI Catholic Registers list Diocese and Parish, not the actual Church name. Has this always been the case, or is it, God help us, a result of England's "remaking" the maps and names of places? Just a thought...

    Again, great thanks for the assist.

    Greg Thornton

    Greg Thornton

    Tuesday 3rd Aug 2021, 04:22PM
  • Amended to my reply Post of 8/3/2021

    ...rather than the actual *Church* title, i.e. St.Patrick's/Newbridge...

    Greg Thornton

    Tuesday 3rd Aug 2021, 04:33PM

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