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I have found the marriage of John Seery to Ann Corrigan in 1847 in Enniskillen, Fermanagh. They emigrated to USA and had their first known child in 1850 in Meriden, Connecticut.

I have no information on John's parents or other family whatsoever.  Ann Corrigan's parents are reportedly William and Mary (unknown surname). Both would have been born ca 1820 - 1825. Ann had older brother Edward Corrigan and younger brother William, both of whom also came to US.

In doing some Fermanagh research, I came across a Christopher Seery which piqued my interest, because John and Ann named their youngest son Christopher, which appears to be an unusual name for an Irishman.. Their other children were 1: William, 2: Mary Jane, 3: John Francis and 4: Christopher. Maybe the children's names could help pinpoint relatives in Ireland?

They may have had another child/children before showing up in USA, but there is no family record of it/them.

Any information would be gratefully received.

CB Weisbrot

CB Weisbrot

Sunday 1st May 2022, 08:03PM

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  • The information below is general, but gives an idea of the Seerys and Corrigans in Fermanagh.

    The 1796 Flax Growers List shows the following Seerys in Fermanagh, along with the parish/barony in which they lived.

    • Seery James Trory Fermanagh
    • Seery Patrick Derryvullan Fermanagh
    • Seery Laurence Aghalurcher Fermanagh

    Of interest is that there was a Corrigan in the same parish/barony as Patrick Seery.

    • Corrigan Owen Derryvullan Fermanagh
    • Corrigan Nathaniel Cleenish Fermanagh
    • Corrigan Arthur Drummully Fermanagh

    I searched the Tithe Applotment list for Seerys and Corrigans in Fermanagh, with no findings.

    Griffith’s Valuation of Fermanagh (1862) shows 15 Seerys:

    • Seery Bernard Derryclawan Derryvullan Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Christopher T/enniskillen/belmore St. Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Hugh Aghyoule Kinawley Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery James Moynaghan South Derryvullan Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery James Teemore Kinawley Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery James Formil Kinawley Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery James Conerick Trory Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Matthew T/maguiresbridge/main St. Aghalurcher Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Matthew Corry Kinawley Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Michael Drumgoon Aghalurcher Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Patrick Killynick Kinawley Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Patrick Corry Kinawley Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Thomas Kinoughtragh Kinawley Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery Timothy Killyvannan Derryvullan Co. Fermanagh
    • Seery William Drumlone Aghavea Co. Fermanagh

    (Source: RootsIreland)

    About hints given by names...the oldest son was usually named for the paternal grandfather, the second son for the maternal grandfather. The first two daughters were named after the grandmothers; usually the eldest was named after the paternal grandmother but sometimes the maternal.

    I hope this is helpful.


    Sunday 1st May 2022, 11:23PM
  • Thank you for your input, Patricia.

    The Christopher Seery in Enniskillen in 1862 is who originally attracted my attention. He might be a brother or cousin to my great great grandfather John since, by 1862, John had been in US a minimum of 12 to 13 years. And our Christopher Seery was born 1857.

    It was just a thought - there may be no connection at all.

    And the 1796 Derryvullan connection between Seery and Corrigan is also intriguing. I will try to look into that.


    CB Weisbrot

    Monday 2nd May 2022, 01:29PM

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