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I had previously put a message on regarding my gggrandparents Michael Skiffington/Mary Quinn.  I recently came across a record showing a marriage for Michael Skiffington/Mary Quin on  It was listed as being from the Catholic Parish Records, Ireland 1740 -1900.  It gives a date of 30 Sept 1846 in Killeeshil, Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland.  Is there a way I can find more information about this?  I don't know how to figure if this might be my gggrandparents or not.  The date would fit as they were born about 1823.  I have never found where in Ireland they came from and this is the first record that I have ever found that gives me a possible clue.  Thank you for any help you may be able to give 




Friday 12th Apr 2024, 04:22PM

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  • Eileen:

    Here is the entry from the parish register  The witnesses appear to be Rev. Devlin and Mrs. Rogers. On the same page, look at the entry two above on September 11th. The bride was Catherine Skiffington. Possibly she was related to Michael Skiffington.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 12th Apr 2024, 05:39PM
  • Thank you for the parish register.  I also noticed on January 04 1846 Patt Kelly married Mary Skiffington.  Patt Kelly was one of the witnesses for Catherine Skiffington and Patrick.  I couldn't make out Patrick's last name or  the other witness for Patt Kelly/Mary Skiffington.  Is there any way we could find a record to see if and when Michael Skiffington/Mary Quin might have emigrated to the United States.  I never could find a passenger list with their names but I know they were in Philadelphia in 1848 as a daughter was born to them in that year.  

    Thanks again for your help




    Friday 12th Apr 2024, 08:45PM
  • From, the 1860 federal census of PA shows Michael Skeffington with four children and a 65 year old housekeeper, Sarah Quinn, born in Ireland.  It is likely Michael's wife had died and Sarah, his mother-in-law, was helping to care for the children.

    NameMichael Skiffington


    Birth Yearabt 1823



    Birth PlaceIreland

    Home in 1860Philadelphia Ward 17, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Dwelling Number1259

    Family Number1352



    Household Members (Name)Age

    Michael Skiffington37

    Mary Skiffington12

    Michael A Skiffington9

    Joseph Skiffington8

    John Skiffington6

    Sarah Quinn65



    Friday 12th Apr 2024, 09:24PM
  • Eileen,

    I have been searching Ancestry and RootsIreland but have not found them on a passenger list. There was a Sarah Quin, b. 1790, who arrived in New York in 1849.

    Per Ancestry

    There was a Mary Skiffington who died in 1858 (this might not be your Mary). Although Mary doesn't show up in the 1860 census, Michael is shown with a wife named Mary, born in 1823, on the 1870 census. Did he remarry or was Mary away in 1860 or is there an error in the 1860 census?  Michael died in 1889.

    Name Mary Skiffington
    Birth Date abt 1823
    Death Date 10 Aug 1858
    Death Place Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Age at Death 35
    Gender Female
    FHL Film Number 1976847


    Regards- Mary




    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 11:39AM
  • Thank you so much for your response.  Mary did die....I found a death record for her.  Michael married again to Mary Hogan.  I found the marriage record for that.  I'm also guessing that Sarah Quinn was probably Mary's mother and she was helping take care of Michael and the children until he married again.  Can you tell me if Michael Skiffington/Mary Quin are common names in Ireland?  The rest of the information fits but I don't want to just assume these are my great great grandparents.  It is the only record I have ever found that has a place in Ireland they came from.  I've been researching years and while I have found pretty much everything in the United States I wasn't able to find a location in Ireland so I could maybe go back further.

    Thank you again




    Saturday 13th Apr 2024, 03:36PM
  • Eileen,

    In the 1901 Irish census, about 31,000 people had the surname Ryan, a common name in Ireland. There were about 17,000 with the surname Quin/Quinn, 95 with the surname Skiffington, and 171 with the surname Skeffington.

    I assume you weren't able to find any baptismal/ birth records for their children.



    Sunday 14th Apr 2024, 07:59AM
  • Hello, Regarding your question about how common the names Mary Quin and Michael Skeffington are in Ireland...

    • Michael Skeffington/Skiffington: 10 in 1901 Irish census
    • Mary Quin/Quinn: almost 2,000 in 1901 Irish census



    Monday 15th Apr 2024, 01:58PM
  • I do have the baptism information from St. Michael's church for the children. 

    Mary Ann Sciventon sponsors were Patrick and Catherine Hacket

    Michael Skivineton: Sponsors are:  Peter Quinn and Mary Skiventon

    Joseph: (there was no last name on Joseph but parents are listed as Michael Skiffington and Mary Quinn)  Sponsors were Thomas Quinn and Isabell Skiffington.  

    John Skivington (parents Michael and Mary). Sponsors Patrick Quinn and Bridget Neal.  

    The spellings are as they are on the baptism records.  Other information given is listed as dates of births

    I'm not sure if I did any searching on the sponsors or not but will check into those names today.  

    Thank you so much for the help you have given me so far.  I have been "stuck" for many years.  




    Monday 15th Apr 2024, 03:07PM

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