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Recently I found a birth record for a cousin that shows the family residence was listed as what looks like "51 Edward Street Tailcurley, Adare. It is hard to read.  I have not ever heard of this place.  Anyone have any idea where it might be located?  We've been to Adare many times but this address is unfamiliar to us.  I do believe that at the time of this birth in 1913, the father was working at Adare Manor as a Gamekeeper.  Any help would be appreciated.

The record was for Mary O'Donnell, born 27 March 1913.  Parents were Peter O'Donnell and Alice White.  Information was found on

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Wednesday 16th Sep 2020, 02:06AM

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  • Hi Nanapeg, I looked up the address on goggle maps. It is listed as: 51 Lord Edward Street, Adare. Also Lord Edward Street is Route 858 on the map. The house is next door to  Slattery's Pub at 50 Lord Edward Street. There is a street photo of the area. I did not find out what is Tailcurley. The Adare Manor is not far away.



    Wednesday 16th Sep 2020, 03:56AM
  • Hi Peg

    The Townland is Kilcurly to the the north of Adare Townland. K rater than Ta on the record. In many Villages / Towns the old Townland names were replaced with Streets / Estates as they expanded.


    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Wednesday 16th Sep 2020, 10:38AM

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