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Hello I'm looking for some of my grandfather's family.(maternal) His name was Michael Joseph Walsh born in 1892 or 93. He came to the US in 1915. His mother's name was Bridget Joyce . Siblings names were Hugh, Thomas Martin John Mary Peter Patrick. Mary and John immigrated to north America as well . thank you

Patricia Whelan Hoeptner

Tuesday 29th Mar 2022, 06:05PM

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  • Patricia:

    I think I located the correct family but they lived in Deryneen townland in Moyrus civil parish. Father was Michael Walsh mother Bridget Joyce. Children were Patrick 1879 John1881 Hugh 1882 Peter 1885 Mary 1887 Michael baptized July 23 1889 Thomas 1891 Joseph 1895 Martin 1896

    see second record for 1879 marriage record. Names of fathers of bride and groom were listed.…

    1901 census…

    1911 census…

    See fifth record Michael Walsh died in 1908.…

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 29th Mar 2022, 06:24PM
  • Thank you Roger I really appreciate your help. I've looked through these records and of course it leads me to more questions. I see in the one record of Michael it says baptized in 1889. But we have a date of birth as 1892 or 93. Could they have had a child die? Also his parents in one record were 5 years apart and then the other record they were 19 years apart in age. Do you have any advice for me where to go to search more? I'm planning to visit Ireland in September and I'd like to connect to anyone that might be related. Thanks so much. Patricia

    Patricia Whelan Hoeptner

    Thursday 31st Mar 2022, 04:59PM
  • Patricia:

    Many immigrants changed their age when they came to their new country and in most cases made themselves younger. I assume that is what Michael did.

    Ages in the 1901 census were usually understated. Ages were not that important in the 19th century and maybe Bridget told Michael she was younger than she actually was. In 1908 the British government passed the Old Age Pension Act which provided a pension for those 70 and older. Ages had to be proven. People like Bridget had an interest in showing their real age on the 1911 census and with Michael deceased, she showed her age as 60 which presumably was accurate. I've seen many situations where someone increased their age by 20 years between the two censuses.

    Derryneen is 15 miles east of Clifden which is the main town in the Connemara district. You should be able to find a hotel in Clifden. The main road from Clifden to where Derryneen is located is the N59. The Derryneen area will not be very populated.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 1st Apr 2022, 02:18PM
  • Thank you ,Roger

    Patricia Whelan Hoeptner

    Tuesday 19th Apr 2022, 09:09PM

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