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I am hoping that someone can help me to identify the location of the Smithfield Convict Depot in the 1840s. I understand that sometime after Transportation ceased the complex was used as Goal for young offenders. I have seen two photos from late 1950s and late 1960s but neither included an address. 

Thank you

Michael Barker

Michael B

Tuesday 5th Jul 2022, 05:03AM

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  • Michael B,

    Attached gives you the location of Smithfield, Dublin, but does not identify the actual location of the Prison.




    Tuesday 5th Jul 2022, 07:50AM
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    Dublin Map.pdf (1.38 MB)

    Michael B,


    Please see Historical Map of Dublin.

    Smithfield is shown between Kilng Street and Aran Quay on the river Liffey, going West from Sackville Street.



    Tuesday 5th Jul 2022, 11:16AM
  • The Penitentiary was on the eastern side of Smithfield close to Carter's Lane - see attached valuation, directory listing and maps.

    1834 Pettigrew & Oulton Directory shows the Penitentiary between numbers 27 and 32, as 'Penitentiary for Young Criminals', the 1830 Valuation gives a little more detail and shows Carter's Lane nearby, the 1836 map shows the location as 'House of Correction' and  the c1846 map extract as 'Convict Depot'.



    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 5th Jul 2022, 12:15PM
  • McCoy & Shane Wilson,

    Thank you very much for your responses. Fantastic!

    The maps you have provided from 1836 & 1846 certainly give me an exact location, Shane.

    My wife's ancestor was held there in 1847/48 awaiting transportation to Australia as a convict. Now we can see where the Prison/Convict Depot was located. I gather from looking at Google Earth that the building no longer exists and has been replaced by brick Terrace buildings.

    Kind regards,

    Michael B

    Brisbane, Australia

    Michael B

    Wednesday 6th Jul 2022, 06:38AM
  • Hi Michael Barker, I would be really interested to learn of your wife's convict ancestor story.  My own ancestor, 3 x great grandafther John STEWARD, would have spent time at Smithfield prior to the opening of Mountjoy Prison in 1850.  He was convicted at the Limerick Assizes in July 1849 and was transported to WA via the 'Phoebe Dunbar' in 1853.


    Sunday 22nd Oct 2023, 08:37AM

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