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EPIC Ireland is a highly innovative Irish Diaspora Museum that is opening in Dublin in May 2016. It is a state of the art visitor experience that showcases the unique journey of the Irish nation, where stories of old are told through the technology of now. EPIC Ireland spreads itself across 21 galleries of vibrant Irish life, as it illuminates the story of Ireland’s communities overseas - past, present and future.  It is a highly modern and culturally important interpretation of the journey of the Irish diaspora and Ireland Reaching Out is very excited about its potential and delighted to be involved in and assist with this initiative’s promotion.

CHQ Building Dublin © Susanna Corniani

As part of this permanent exhibition, the curators and creative team of EPIC Ireland wish to feature Irish emigrant stories.  They are seeking personal stories about people who left Ireland and went on to do something unique, unexpected or surprising. The story can be told by the emigrant themselves or through the eyes of their Mother/Father/Grandson/Sister etc. They are looking for as diverse a range of gender, ages and accents as possible.

Suitable participants will be asked to partake in media interviews (including photography) that will subsequently be broadcast via one or more media, including print, online and broadcast. A small number may be selected to participate in a promotional video.  It is for this reason that they are looking to hear from people who will be Dublin and available to come to the CHQ building on either the  21st, 22nd or 25th January (to be confirmed). Filming will take no longer than one day.    

If you think this opportunity might be for you, please send an email to  Although it may not be possible to respond individually to each email, your interest in this project is very much appreciated by the Epic Ireland team.

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