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Did you know that you can enjoy a wealth of content, including a large collection of Irish music and documentaries, from the comfort of your own home via the TG4 player which is FREE of charge to everyone around the world.

TG4: a treasure trove of Irish music and documentary programming.

TG4 is Ireland’s national Irish language television channel, a publicly funded TV channel that broadcasts Irish content in Ireland, but more importantly all around the Globe via its player service which is completely free to watch or to download on your various devices. 

The player is available at  or to download by searching the TG4 Player App, available on Android or iTunes.

You might say “Hey I don’t speak Irish or understand it”. Well there is no need to worry as all TG4’s content carries English language subtitles and the Irish Music can be enjoyed regardless of language.

10 Gems to watch on the TG4 Player

#1  Gradam Ceoil TG4

Gradam Ceoil TG4

Gradam Ceoil are the only awards in Ireland that recognise the significant contribution Irish music has made not only in Ireland but around the world. The awards and gala concert is a live broadcast each year recognising six musicians across a range of disciplines with live performances on the night. The Gradam is in existence for 23 years and each concert is available on the TG4 player free of charge for everyone to enjoy and share. 


#2 Slí na mBeaglaíoch

Sli na mBeaglaioch

Father and son, musicians Cormac and Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich journey up the West coast of Ireland, from Kerry to Donegal in their 40-year-old campervan, Beauty!  They celebrate each county’s music, meeting with friends, artists and local musicians along the way.

Sli na mBeaglaioch

#3 Bádóirí


On the western edge of Europe lies a unique culture that depended on and fought with the Atlantic for thousands of years.  It is the native sailboat, the Galway Hooker, that sustained the poorest communities.  The new generation of these same families of sailors still sail the coast of Connemara, now racing to be champions of the Galway Hookers.  This series follows seven families of these workhorse boats, some 160 years old, as they undertake the annual epic adventures of the Galway Hooker races.

#4 Ceol ón Chlann

Ceol on Chlann

This documentary series offers an insight into the heritage of various Irish musical families, their legacy and their continuing significance in Ireland’s musical tapestry.  The families include the Black family (Mary & Frances Black), the Gavin family (Frankie Gavin);  the McLaughlins (The Henry Girls);  the Walls (The Stunning) and the Shannon Family (Sharon Shannon) – all famous Irish music families who have brought their music to the 4 corners of the world. 

#5 Bliain in Inis Mór

Bliain in Inis Mór

An observational documentary series, which records a year in the life of the islanders on Inis Mór, the largest of the Aran Islands.  This 4 part series is a fly on the wall observation of the life of those who have lived here for generations, and those who have moved to the island more recently.  If you enjoy this series, you can also follow series on a year in the life of Inis Oirr, Achaill and Aranmore islands.

#6 Gaeil Bhoston 

Gaeil Bhoston and Gaeil UK

Seán Mac an tSíthigh travels in series 1 from Glasgow to London and in series 2 to Boston, to meet with various generations of the Irish community living there.  Seán meets the many generations of Irish immigrants who now call UK or Boston home.

#7 Ag Triall ar an Tobar

A new 6-part documentary series that dives into the myths and legends associated with Ireland's Holy wells and asks what is it about these therapeutic landscapes that retain a presence in today's world? In each episode Presenter Manchán Magan uncovers holy wells that have been sites of worship and prayer for centuries and are still visited today for those seeking comfort and peace. Where have these rituals come from and who are the people that keep these traditions alive?

#8  1916 Seachtar na Cásca

Seachtar na Cásca

Landmark documentary series created on the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.  Narrated by Brendan Gleeson, this is a seven part series, which tells the individual story of each of the main protagonists who were executed in 1916: Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, Éamonn Ceannt, Seán Mac Diarmada, Joseph Plunkett, Thomas Mac Donagh and Thomas J Clarke. The sister series, Seachtar Dearmadta profiles the seven others executed at Kilmainham Jail, but largely forgotten.

Seachtar Na Cásca

Seachtar Dearmadta

#9 Laochra Gael

Laochra Gael

Laochra Gael is a TG4 long-running series profiling some of the Heros of GAA sporting action.  The series profiles the unique personal stories of our sporting heros, both on and off the pitch.  Featured stars in the latest series include: Kieran Donaghy (Kerry);  Alan Brogan (Dublin); Brenda McAnespie (Monaghan);  Iggy Clark (Galway);  Diarmuid Lyng (Wexford) and David Brady (Mayo)

#10 Cúla4


For the young viewers, Cúla4, TG4’s kids player, features series such as  Bia Linn (kids cookery series), Is Mise (4 young presenters discover the world around them), Is Eolaí Mé (science series) and Aifric (drama series).   Cúla4 ar Scoil, the daily home school programme, is also available, which is being broadcast while schools are closed due to covid restrictions. 

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