Sally Rafferty (nee Booth) and her father Jim Booth in St Brendan's Church of Ireland Birr County Offaly

Connection Story - Surrey and County Offaly

When: Friday, 1 February, 2019

Last October, Sally Rafferty contacted Ireland Reaching Out to let us know that she was coming to Birr in Count Offaly, along with her father Jim. She asked if there was someone available locally to help them discover more about their Irish place of origin.

Birr (Offaly) Offaly
The Sharkey Cousins in Birr

IrelandXO Connections - New York and County Offaly

When: Wednesday, 18 December, 2019

Anna Sharkey, Barbara’s great-grandmother, together with Anna’s siblings and parents (Barbara’s great-great grandparents) had emigrated to New York City from Birr in County Offaly in Ireland – something Barbara had always known.

Birr (Offaly) Offaly
Mollan redwood 10 Sept 2018

Giants Grove. Redwoods, enjoying their benign new home at Birr

When: Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Image above: Clara Clark and Lord Rosse 10th September 2018

Birr (Offaly) Offaly