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Located only yards from where Connolly lived on the Falls Road, Áras Uí Chonghaile is a modern, inspirational, visitor centre epitomising the character and fabric of the Falls Road. 

James Connolly was a man of formidable ideas and remarkable vision. 
Over 100 years after James Connolly was executed, his values, his ideas and the example he gave us in life, are as inspiring and relevant as ever. 
Our mission in this Centre is to ensure that a new generation of Irish citizens and those who visit us from across the world are introduced to James Connolly and his ideas.

Visit our exhibition

Our world class interactive visitor exhibition tells the story of James Connolly from his birth in Edinburgh in 1868 to his death in Dublin in 1916. It explores his role as a pioneer of the early trade union movement and his extraordinary travels throughout Britain and America and his organising closer to home in Belfast and Dublin. 

Explore some of his most famous writings and quotes brought to life through our audio library, Learn of the citizen army he founded to protect workers, of his influence on the text of the Easter Proclamation, his bravery and leadership in the Easter Rising and of his subsequent court-martial, death sentence and execution.

Book your place in our wonderful new exhibition and discover the story of one of the greatest Trade Union and political leaders of the 20th Century.

James Connolly Exhibition Belfast

Hatch Coffee at Áras Uí Chonghaile

Pushing The Coffee Experience Forward In the Gaeltacht Quarter... 

We are delighted to be partnering with the trail blazing team at Hatch Coffee to offer arguably the best coffee in Belfast.

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Áras Uí Chonghaile​ Open Hours

Monday - Friday
Hatch Coffee - 8am-5pm
James Connolly Exhibition - 10am-4pm

Hatch Coffee - 9am-5pm
James Connolly Exhibition - 10am-4pm

Hatch Coffee - 10am-4pm
James Connolly Exhibition - 12pm-4pm

ÁRAS UÍ CHONGHAILE, 374-376 Falls Road, Belfast, BT12 6DG
+ 44 (0)2890 991 005
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