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Greetings all, I’ve had some success with my road block. I’ve attached a record for my GG grandparents - William Moore and Ellen Bradley (Eleanor). I have death certificates. To go to the next step - is there anyway of finding ancestors via their profession? William - I have all of his details. His father, Thomas Moore is listed as a staymaker (women’s undergarments?) and Ellen’s father was James Bradley, a bookkeeper (accountant?). I’ve contacted the Townsend church in Belfast - they have confirmed the marriage, but didn’t respond with any other details on these families. Ellen’s death certificate says she was born in Carrickfergus. I did contact one society asking for information, not successful. Also, I discovered that Margaret Bradley married a George Graham, also a Brushmaker (William Moore & George Graham were witnesses at each other’s weddings. The Bradley girls mother is listed as Jane Neill (married James Bradley).  Nothing on the mother for William. Is it a dead end for me or would it be a possibility info may be held in church records? A trip to Ireland to plan.  Thank you, Penny 


Monday 12th Dec 2022, 11:05AM

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  • Hi Penny, It's not clear what time periods you are referring to. Maybe you would post again with that information. Your attachment did not attach, Have you searched Irish vital and church records as far back as you can? Did you look at censuses, Griffith's Valuation, the Tithe Applotments, wills? You didn't say, so I'm not sure you went as far as you could with Irish records.


    Monday 12th Dec 2022, 09:23PM
  • gawd, what a dunce Patricia. reposting now. thank you for heads up


    Tuesday 13th Dec 2022, 04:44AM
  • Link to previous post on this family which gives dates and some additional information:…

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 14th Dec 2022, 08:06PM

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