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Hello,  My son and I wil be visiting Mountnugent and Crover house this Tuesday July 25.  

Part of the reason is to see Gallonreagh and attempt to see the farm where my Gr Gr Grandmother Hanora Gaffney was born.  

Parish of Kilbride and Mountnugent, Diocese of Meath | Counties of Westmeath, Meath, Cavan, 18 April 1842 - Hanora to John Gaffney and Bridget Smith.  Sponsors : Edward Caffrey and Mary Fannan.  This appears to be her record.

The 1856 Kilbride Tax records lists Bridget leasing 20 acres in Gallonreagh Townland.  

In 1901 census it appears the Hanora's brother Henry (Harry) and his wife Ellen still lived on the farm in Gallonreagh with 7 persons in the family.  

My son and I would be interested in knowing more aobut the area and any suggestions for the best way to re-connect with Parish Kilbride and Gallonreagh.  It is said in a letter from an Attracta Lavin, who knew the Gaffney's to my relative that there are no descendants in the area, that a son of Henry's named Patrick married late in life, sold the farm and retired to Dublin.  Another son of Henry named Michael emigrated to America but had a tombstone erected over his parents in the Parish of Mount Nugent.  I am assuming this to be St. Brigid's Mountnugent, but am not certain.  Looking forward to the journey.  



Saturday 22nd Jul 2017, 12:01AM

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  • Hi D- Crover House is only about a mile from where you are looking for.There are still Gaffneys in the exact same area,Kilbride Mount Nugent.Somebody in Crover should be able to give you a name,or P.P.ought to have contact details.I am not allowed to give same because of privacy regulations on this site.-Liam Irwin.

    Liam Irwin

    Saturday 22nd Jul 2017, 02:01PM
  • Liam - thank you.  As for the "tombstone erected over his parents in the Parish of Mount Nugent".  Is there a graveyard in Mount Nugent I should be looking for.  Google map photos of of St Brigids don't necessarily seem to indicate a graveyard is on the property.


    Warm regards and many thanks



    Saturday 22nd Jul 2017, 09:14PM

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