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I am searching for the McKibbon/McKibbin/McKibben,McKibban (McGibbon) families of Termon, Killinkere, County Cavan.  They  lived in Termon, Killinkeer, County Cavan.  I would be most grateful for any information or  suggestions you may have in helping me to find them.  In particular it would be very helpful to know where they may have attended church so that I could possibly find birth, marriage and death records.

James McKibbon born abt 1745 had the following children:

1. Isiah b abt 1768

-Griffiths Valuation 1856 and 1857 lists him as occupier       

Townland: TERMON, Civil Parish: KILLINKERE, Barony: LOUGHTEE, UPPER, Poor Law Union: BAILIEBOROUGH             

-listed on the Flaxgrowers list 1798

2. Adam b abt 1770 married Frances.

- the Flaxgrowers list 1796

- listed in Griffiths Valuation 1856 and 1857 lists him as occupier      

Townland:TERMON, Civil Parish:KILLINKERE,Barony: LOUGHTEE, UPPER, Poor Law Union: BAILIEBOROUGH             

-Adam and Frances had 3 children that I know of: William b abt 1794 married Mary (Catherine) Steen abt 1820, Thomas b abt 1791-98 married Catherine McLean and Rosanna b abt 1797 married James Steen in 1821.  All 3 of these children and their spouses immigrated to Pakenham, Ontario abt 1822 and were Weslyan Methodists.

3. Joseph b abt 1772

-1796 Flaxgrowers list

Joseph had 2 sons, Thomas b abt 1800 married Jane (Jenny) Johnston of Enniskillen, Fermanagh, and had 4 children: Joseph, Jane Elizabeth, James and Margaret, all born between 1822 and 1831 in Cavan; the second son Henry b abt 1810 married Sarah Hanna(h) and had 5 children: Joseph, Margaret, Martha, Mary and Susannah all born between 1826 and 1845.  Thomas McKibbon and his family immigrated to Ontario bet 1828-1831.  Local history indicates that Henry and his family also immigrated at the same time but also claim that Henry’s children were born in Ireland.  I cannot find birth records for them in Ireland or Canada. The families of both Thomas and Henry are listed as belonging to the Church of Scotland.

4. John b abt 1777

-1796 Flaxgrowers list

5. James b abt 1779

1796 Flaxgrowers list

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my post.

Helen Wyse, Canada



Thursday 24th Sep 2015, 08:23PM

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  • Dear Helen

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I have passed this to a Cavan volunteer who will be in touch shortly

    Best wishes

    Clare Doyle

    Genealogy Support 

    Clare Doyle

    Friday 25th Sep 2015, 03:10PM
  • Dear Helen,

    I had hoped to do some research for you to-day, mainly in the small Weslyan graveyard that is in Bailieborough, alas I was without a car until it was too dark to go there.  I will get in next week end & see what I can find.  Regards Carmel


    Bailieborough Cavan

    Sunday 27th Sep 2015, 07:51PM
  • Hi Helen, I live in Killinkere. There are no families in the parish with that name anymore. The closest resemblance would be McCabes, of which there are plenty all over Killinkere. These are all catholic families so it's unlikely that they are related to your ancestors. The closest Presbyterian (Scottish) church to Termon is the Bellasis church so contacting somebody there would be your best bet in my opinion. If you google Rev Jean Mackeral you'll find her details and she may be of help to you. Beir bua! 





    Sunday 4th Oct 2015, 09:55AM
  • Hi Helen,

    I visited the Wesleyan Graveyard to-day but alas, therea re only about 6 readeable stone there and none related to your family,  I agree with OCleirigh, that would be a good option.  The main aim is to try and get people with events occurring after 1864, when civil registration took place.  One method I have used is to look up the cancelled rent books, alas they are not online.  I would use these to trace, the owners of the properties from the time of Grifffiths Valuations to recent times.  Land most likely passed in earliers years upon death and in more recent time through sales.  You could email them at  and see if they can help you with this information.  I did look up the 1901 Census at and I looked for McKibbon and for this name alone I found 21 names and some were in Co. Monaghan, you could repeat the exercise for the various spellings and hopefully you may find something that would fit with your information, use naming patterns to help you isolate possible matches.  Another source I like to use is at and using that source I found William McKibbon, repeat the searches again using different spellings 

    Deceased SurnameMckibbon

    Deceased ForenameWilliam

    Primary Beneficiary/ExecutorRichard Vance

    Sec. Beneficiary/ExecutorSamuel Clarke

    Date of Death18 Mar 1912

    County of DeathCavan


    Lisball is on the Shercock side of Bailieborough, I did ring and ask some one who live there but all they could tell me was they were long gone.  I might be worth your while to get this will as it might give you more information, than the extract and it may tell you how Samuel Clarke was related.  I then looked up the census for 1911, when this man was living and he was a draper, and belonging to the Church of Ireland his death cert would also tell you who his informant was, in 1901 he was living with a visitor and the name was spelt McKebbin.  In the 1911 census there are 5 McKibbons living in the one household in Termon.  They are Presbyterians.  You could start tracking them through births/deaths and marriages.  I hope that this will give you some ideas.  Do let me know how you got on and hopefully we will meet you in Co. Cavan some day.. Regards Carmel 


    Bailieborough Cavan

    Sunday 4th Oct 2015, 03:05PM
  • I dropped by this site to hopefully find information about my Irish ancestors, William McKibbin who married Mary Catherine Steen who immigrated to Canada about 1821 with his brothers.  I have fairly thorough records from the time they were in Canada, but it's scanty going earlier into Ireland. And the information you provide on birth years and marriages matches the data I have for my relatives named William McKibbin and and Mary Catherine.  So I think the information you had provided just might be his siblings and father.

    I noticed you spell the name McKibbon, and as far as I know, our family spells it McKibbin.  But there is a family tale that the family had a disagreement at some point while still in Ireland.  Half the family kept the original spelling and the other half adopted the new spelling of McKibbin.  I was told the original spelling was McKibben, but maybe it was Mckibbon instead.  My grandfather was Thomas George McKibbin, and his father was John Adam McKibbin, and his father was William McKibbin, and his father was William McKibbin who married Mary Catherine Steen,

    My point in mentioning all that is maybe try the spelling with i instead of o (McKibbin) or maybe even McKibben.  With so many variations, it's worth a try.

    If you'd like information for their time in Canada and then onto the U.S. (for some family members), let me know.  I have lots of information.



    Saturday 21st Nov 2015, 12:25AM
  • Hi Vickie:  Thank you for responding to my post.  We definately have the same McKibbon/McKibben/McKibbin family.  There are also other spellings out there such as McGibbon.  When I search, I use all of the variations just to make sure I get all of them.  I too have a lot of information on this family after they moved to Canada but I have very little on them in Ireland.  I will keep trying and if I find anything new, I will post it here so you can see it.

    Many thanks,



    Tuesday 12th Apr 2016, 08:18PM

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