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Hello, After about 3x decades of trying with little success on this Dynan/Dinan line from the very early 1800’s and going back into history, new information now places the line being from County Clare and with very strong ties to the McNamara’s, and other ties to Casey, McInerney, O’Dea, Slattery etc. 

Any help would be wonderful, thank you. 


Thursday 18th Jan 2024, 08:38PM

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  • Lindy,

    Please see Tithe Applotment Records - 1823 to 1837  at - Free Site

    The spelling Dinan is the more common and can be found in various parts of County Clare.

    The County Clare library - may be able to assist in connecting the other names you mention to "Dinan /Dynan" family.


    Friday 19th Jan 2024, 09:50AM

    1/6/1909  Marriage of Thomas O'Dea and Bridget Dinan Feakle, Scariff, Co. Clare

    It would be helpful if you had any family ( first) names/dates. All the family names you listed are associated with County Clare.


    Wednesday 24th Jan 2024, 11:25PM
  • In 1787 John Dinan and Margaret Mcnamara had Mary Dinan in Limerick. 

    In 1850's Michael Mcnamara and Catherine Dinan had children in Co. Clare.

    In 1855 John Dinan married Honora McNamara in Co. Clare.

    In the 1860's Patrick Mcnamara and Catherine Dinan had children in Co. Clare.

    In 1869 Martin Dinan married Mary McNamara in Co. Limerick.

    In 1870's Thomas Dinan and Mary McNama married/children in Limerick 


    Wednesday 28th Feb 2024, 02:01AM
  • Hi Lindy:  


    I believe that you and I have already connected about this question on Facebook.  You are more than welcome to contact me at:  





    Tulla Clare, IrelandXO Volunteer

    Thursday 21st Mar 2024, 03:35PM

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